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Shanghai Longfeng copy thinking more sincere and a little less routine

as a Shanghai dragon Er, we must let the reading people see our main point in writing, rather than at the time could not see any nutritious food. The main purpose is to see people reading the needs of their own resources, they seem half found not in experience is talking about the world, in the end with the theme of the 10 Fen relations are not, if you change the angle as the masses do you want? When writing, you can refer to the following:

why do this in the first place? Because the peace of mind is the primary factor to each industry, I often meet some friends on the Internet, once more, all sorts of strange things things too much. Occasionally seen some really good pre copy level Shanghai dragon Er, they also made some contributions to the large portal, finally passed. I believe that Shanghai dragon Er less there will be a feeling that, once they see their articles to be reproduced and countless discussions, the heart is excited and expansion; this is the norm, a necessary stage and we want to improve the weight. But some er for Shanghai dragon in order to improve force, feel the cow, "bull", then the mind has made expansion up to get out of hand. Do not know you have not heard a word " in success often the most dangerous " other unknown factors, not dangerous, but you and me; well, point to namely stop.

two: to copy Shanghai dragon thinking point of view rather than to urine

Shanghai: do not have a copy of dragon thinking impetuous mentality

daily work time, I love the Internet to find dry cargo study and research, look at yourself and what places to be improved; then the problem comes, I was attracted many titles in, and for reading up, but most did not see something useful to me. I understand every webmaster desire to flow, but also understand the development trend of the Internet currently exist; but frankly speaking, this type of article makes me feel back in 80s, the flood of advertising psoriasis. Do not know the author is cheating on their own or cheat the audience, this is called dry cargo romance routine? Xiaobian today to share some thoughts and ideas of their own, I hope you can help to.

the Internet recently classic sentence: more sincere, less routine

Remove the

1, the main point of view: to guide the premise, you can write some stories around the theme to guide the user, can be related to the personal experience, the development of the industry, the industry classic examples of successful extension etc.. But not like the above about where I said for a long time, and then suddenly finished. Last fall was to move yourself to death, while reading the crowds had special underground scold huan.

2, Title Ideas: I admit that the drainage capacity of the title of the party is strong; "


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