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Site construction and optimization can be entered as the accumulate steadily

blind anxious to listen to others’ advice their head is the do what you want to do, without thinking, such thinking must be fail. The choice of the construction site or when want to go beyond the competitors, always want to know what their own to do so on the consequences of. Also need to do some what kind of preparation work will reduce the risk to a minimum, to maximize the opportunity. If you choose the wrong direction, or lack of preparation may be caused by a fatal blow. This is not alarmist, too many such examples. A simple example: Shanghai dragon Er doing optimization, will be the first to understand the analysis of industry, competitive analysis, web site, began after the optimization of the website, not just for the crash, and optimization model to optimize the site and have the same. Because they know what they are doing, because the judge thought error will be the consequences of what they are to optimize the professional personnel in Shanghai dragon. Therefore, even if a website optimization.

is one of the Internet can create high value platform, good career reputation double harvest, do not have to exit. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, a little attention will be out of competition, the competition in the Internet is also the truth. That is what led to the final failure? The author thinks that the reason for the lack of accumulation: whether it is for the new construction site is not good accumulation directly affect the pace of development. Or is in the process of the development of bottlenecks, suffered a strong competitor defeat, or anti Strike ability is low caused by squeezing out, are the reasons for insufficient accumulation caused by itself. Therefore, the binary join Shanghai website construction company pilot technology, website construction and optimization, Fafang can enter the thick thin column. The construction site itself is like a lack of accumulation, to do all aspects of the lack of advance will continue to improve, which caused the problem after harassment.

the webmaster industry, although the choice of "webmaster" the occupation of people very much, but to the end of a mixed pattern is not a ten deposit. Personally, when most of the webmaster is now in the construction site or the choice of a career direction are too impetuous, not clear their own ideas and goals. Or, do not make adequate preparation and accumulation, is duty bound to join in the construction site. I want to have a most of the webmaster have made a mistake: today saw others station profit, make a lot of money immediately absorbed to the blood surging, high imitation of a similar stand, however, although the idea of copying structure is the core copy website development. But tomorrow suddenly encountered the search engine algorithm to adjust the rules, lead to the drop to complain about the injustice of the secular. "To do good work, must first sharpen his" want to go beyond the competitors or want to do big development since the very wide brand worth mentioning, first of all, it is their "" polished sharp before action. Thick and thin, can Janus pointed out, the plasticine.

: a relationship between the thinking and the way of


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