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Talk about several factors affect website ranking in Shanghai harem in love

third, the site facilities as concubines beauty, if itself is not beauty, even if you have the brains, another patron, the emperor don’t look you in the eye one eye is useless. It means that your content is good, then the chain lineup huge, the hardware does not pass, in vain. Do not believe you when a few times, estimates will be directly love Shanghai "emperor" to pull into the blacklist. So, you want to rank well, we must find a good server.

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second, PinFei Sheng pet unabated must have the help of foreign aid, the website is no exception. At this time, the site requires the construction of the chain. The chain is also as can be imagined importance for a web site. Want to wait for love Shanghai "emperor" favor, these backer is needed. The chain is the most important, but also of many, the highest weight is Links. The second is the anchor text link, then the picture link and so on. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng company to optimize the website optimization, mainly through the form of the chain. For example, the same type of sites to exchange links in order to improve the overall weight of the site, in the forum, published an article in the blog, is a chain of construction.

(Shenzhen private detective 贵族宝贝huanya007贵族宝贝), welcome to.

first, the quality of the rankings is not temporary but long, like imperial concubines Sheng a pet is useless, want to spoil the failure to see the full efforts and means. Our website is on the site of high quality, high quality, love Shanghai included, with the construction of the chain is not stable, not good to ranking. From the beginning of the website code, procedures, site structure, keyword, page description to the website content and user experience should be carefully in earnest. Are how to reflect? Website code description of redundant code less, which is reflected in the website loading speed. The content of the website related degree is high, all pages are tightly around the site theme, reflected in the content of continuous high, the site of the internal links. Keywords rational layout, reflected in the title, keywords, description, ALT property and so on. And the most important customer experience, customer experience, involves more than one level, such as art, plate collocation etc.. Reflect on the flow is high, PV.

although I contact this website industry is not long, but this time, the operation of the site also has a dozen, though not much, but the face is quite wide, is the first enterprise to his local portal station, LongFeng Railway Station and Shanghai etc.. As the site grew, he himself was growing gradually, but also worked out some laws, domestic station mainly rely on the love of Shanghai’s ranking, then today Shenzhen private to talk about our influence in Shanghai station love "emperor" harem in a ranking of several factors.

finally to remind everybody is love Shanghai the "emperor" of the mind constantly changing, we only follow his preferences to do, to get better ranking.


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