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Create a personal experience to share the love of Shanghai Encyclopedia


now have a lot of people want to try to create your own entry. But think it is too difficult to create a successful entry. So, how to quickly create love Shanghai encyclopedia entries, I summarized a little experience to share with you, although not what tips, but if you carefully analyze learning my three little experience, will be audited by the probability of large.


2, create entries before the directory structure you want to create the best entries in the book or other places make a note, in the edit entry will not go wrong.

3, Shanghai Encyclopedia of love can do the chain place only two places: one is the reference; one is the extended reading. Extended reading are only allowed to write a chain, more will not through audit. References in the uploaded pictures can do link, but the links will eventually be removed, the chain can do only one place, marked "1" in the edit entries in the toolbar, you can add the chain, the chain from the now, I only love with space in Shanghai the other is not successful, who successfully with the chain, we hope to share.

in Shanghai love encyclopedia leave a link, we should dream of want to do, because the outer chain effect is very strong, but it is easy to say, it is very difficult. Now the love of Shanghai encyclopedia entries as soft released channels in our company projects often the entry as soft release channel. I organized a small team, although not a lot of people, but all are a clear division of labor, has the strong strength. A total of three people, one person to collect materials, two people write the content. In fact, the creation of a love Shanghai entry is EASY, just to see if you carefully. As long as you are willing to work hard to do, create an entry that is not a problem.

as a new love Shanghai encyclopedia, first to cognitive "what is love Shanghai". To familiar with finished, don’t blindly to create the entry, do not do the task, the task, then you also will be about the same, you can start creating entry. Create entries before they must be clear: advertising, irrigation is absolutely not allowed. In the create entries before the first open several other has created good entry to imitate, create, create more naturally. Some small experience the following four points is in the work that I have accumulated, hope everyone can be on when creating entries.

1, suggested in the published entries before love Shanghai encyclopedia help, to see what terms, so we don’t know how to do, how to publish the entry link. Write down here in the published entries before we should do, and how to improve the efficiency of income in the period to do.

4, edit other existing entries, can upload pictures, add some entries and related terms. Can also increase for entry in the chain.


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