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From the following 2 aspects of the construction of high quality chain


2. external links anchor, the anchor chain can not are the same, to do within the chain like natural recommended, does not affect the user’s reading, best to let users of content users good at giving systematic guidance, linger, so the chain is successful.

The stability of

1. the best chain is released to the highest weight, can release the highest quality website, but this is not as spam, such as submission, are like this, the weight can give site transfer is very useful. The article makes the high quality website recommendation of your web site, readers will think your site has some readability. (the chain is not related to any use of

The stability of

from the following 2 aspects of the construction quality of the chain to do what Shanghai dragon is the most difficult? I believe many people will be answered by common consent: of course it is outside the chain! I also agree, in my experience, the chain is a little more difficult, but to consider the user experience put a block, or the user experience more hard to do, well, how do we get from the chain so difficult, complex things simple? The author suggests that we can from the following 2 aspects to build the chain.

chainThe chain is

2. released the chain, then the chain release should be stable, not today, tomorrow will be deleted, so that there is substantially equal to no significance.


1. to stabilize the frequency of the chain, the chain can not increase too fast, step by step.

)Natural recommended

chain, which is the focus of the author emphasizes, what is "recommended"

stable Shanghai Longfeng necessity, this "stable" contains two meanings:

The recommended


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