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Design of website of Shanghai dragon too profound to be understood diagnosis

design company more and more attention to the network promotion, now this society no matter what the industry wants to survive, the effects are not despise the network, even now the three year old child will be online, what you want will be to buy online, this is, in the design industry issued a warning to us to enter the network otherwise, sooner or later will be eliminated by the society. Perhaps it is because we have seen the influence of network promotion, design companies have now recruit specialized network promotion Shanghai dragon talent, but because the boss do not understand, therefore, network promotion personnel recruit sometimes are not really master, often are a lot of new sites in the hand, when problems arise unable to find a solution, it is common to.

we give to work is difficult, but no way, who let oneself not the boss? If one day they can not give people work, I believe we will always be in the fantasy, is the dream of many people, but often if there is such a day, they have the economic ability of the time but, don’t know to what to do, but lost all of a sudden, do not know they have been pursued by the industry, whether it is feasible, sometimes, the dream is just a dream, want to realize the really difficult, things are not impossible, but they do not do it, or do not be afraid to try, believe that this is a common problem in all.

I was a member of the

belongs to them, their every day dream of your boss, but really that day, but their back, ha seem a bit off topic, but now it seems to say, I am responsible for the company’s VI website design after optimization of A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng fault diagnosis team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) after making a comprehensive diagnosis on my web site, whether the situation has improved, that even I was a bit skeptical, at first see the A5 Adsense nets to the "web site optimization proposal" not what in particular, in the most mentioned or content, chain, website structure, aspect keywords layout, those points are basically all >


Kazakhstan smart you believe have guessed network promotion specialist I was the fish in troubled water can not say, in fact, I really do network promotion, only limited. When the VI website design company for the server, after ranking suddenly fell, I was really incapable of action, because. Then why website ranking, do it up, what exactly is the operation played a role, I don’t know. Therefore, when the rankings off, take the initiative to please specialize in Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic service team to help, the level of their own, therefore, you know, there is no need to waste time, so that it will let the company website suffered heavy losses, now is to reduce the net station loss is a top priority, boss can Cuizhe beside it, she may not have any visible ranking drop, this already be furious, if not able to recover as soon as possible, then I can go.


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