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Three stages of love Shanghai down the right of recovery

two: site and domain normal

: a normal recovery site included

did not experience the site is down right webmaster is not good webmaster, have not experienced efforts to restore down right after the webmaster is not good webmaster, every webmaster are more or less experienced their operations or the construction site is down right through, especially for domestic love Shanghai, as the world’s largest Chinese search, many time is always unique. For example love Shanghai right down, does not seem to be a webmaster can understand that, according to their own website for the website home page is right down to talk about his love for Shanghai right down summary:

example: the author of the station officially launched in February 2011, because of relying on the high weight maternal website, so in Google PR updated website have a development, love Shanghai in a week after the line on the website included, included the results is not good, can only be said to be intermittent, high and low, sometimes delete there is, after several months of inflation; website keyword ranked in the Shanghai love home, and to the main keywords multiple inheritance home. Start the revision in August 2011, the main purpose of a pseudo static URL address and modify the website information flow, enhance information and information closely, disappear from Shanghai included in love after the revision of the website, all the keywords ranking disappeared after the three months of hard work, until now the web page site and domain ranking consistent and snapshot. Through their case, the author thinks that the process is down right after the restoration of the love of Shanghai is divided into three stages:

site and domain is every webmaster every morning the first thing to do, but it also reflects the role of the two. Through the website is normal, we will start the normal development site site, is basically the next day or every three days, the increase of domain website, to be consistent with site. The site at this stage spent a total of nearly 2 months. The author believes that site and domain are the most direct evidence that web site is love Shanghai to redefine and audit, the two recovery is equal to the basic right to be reduced from the website of the cycle of pulling out, the next key is the ranking of the site.

three: return keyword ranking


website is the most obvious that the best way to love Shanghai crawl frequency and website content. Your website became stable, and the growth of stable frequency, so this is the first stage to be down right after the restoration of the love of Shanghai. At this stage is currently the most updated data heard website content should be stable, not three days fishing nets two days, to ensure the update site, if you can try to a high degree of false original or original, this will shorten the time period.

website weight recovery and site keywords ranking is the two thing, website ranking must have weight, the weight of a website ranking is not necessarily irreversible, push.


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