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To improve the user experience of the website by hovering


Pacific computer network homepage classified according to the contents of the theme into hot spots, visitors would appear in the drop-down page after hover. Above will in general with the site back to the top of the hover button, this approach can indeed mentioned a lot of user experience.



, a large portal home page set

trademark registration entries:

can refer to any Wikipedia entry page for a page, Wikipedia is using a directory or paragraph in the form of division, and follow the scroll down, can help users quickly find their own content, and can quickly return to the top.

two, use the directory as the page


what is hovering? For a large lot of sites, if using a tiled way to display web content, then the web page is too long, so it will lead to the site must always go down, then give the user access to a big hindrance. Therefore, we can use the scroll with floating navigation, or anchor link way of page segmentation, this method is hovering. We analyze some large sites found that many sites use "positioning, hover mode:

Below is the

some time ago the introduction of pomegranate is only the first algorithm because the algorithm, so the remediation of just some low quality web pages. But from another point of view, since the low quality of the page will be subject to regulation, so high user experience whether the page should get the attention of the search engine? Although there is no direct description of the official document, but the user experience as the factors to reflect the value of the site, regardless of algorithm is not taken into account, this is all we need to do good.

of course, Wikipedia is only for our reference, and in fact, we in the website application, can also use more performance to set up a website in hover. For example, the 贵族宝贝sbzcw.net trademark registration website for example, because this is the enterprise website, the content length is not much, there is no need to perform directory settings, therefore, the author put the trademark registration network contact information, online customer service in hover on the right side of the website, so that the site is indeed a lot of traffic increase conversion rate.

for Sina’s return to the top button:



to improve the user experience skills, in countless Adsense share tutorial are mentioned, is nothing more than the structure of the site layout, page content quality, cleanliness and so on, in this paper, the author mainly tell us about some skills on hover.



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