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We teach you the successful exchange of high weight website Links on

(2) mail application method. This method is the most simple. You can link preparing a letter to the current version of the application letter and the exchange of friendship, everywhere to collect high weight website webmaster mailbox, then sending out. Then is jiangtaigong fishing, bait. This method has three points to note. One is to see whether this site has commercial links, if not, want to be the first basic hard. The two is to be in the application letter writing under more effort to achieve genuine and sincere good reason. The best thinking, if I is the administrator, how to impress my application letter? Three the site itself is a foundation to hard, the best and high weight website has been related, such as party secretary, personnel services, project investment, leading enterprises, so that we can submit the application. If it is illegal or garbage is basically no chance to stand.

the first to direct hand, tired, first wrote here. In this statement, this article from the original Sanming Shanghai dragon, recommend a friend’s website 0>

(1) – chain method. The most direct method, we use the search engine to "inurl:gov intitle: " Links; instruction search, many gov sites can exchange Links, can also be modeled on the edu website. Many are automatically Links, simply fill in several can be submitted for review. Only now in want of perfection is more and more strict management, most sites are no longer audit, so you should pay attention to the latest web site through the audit of a chain of time, if it is a few months or even a year ago, explain this website nobody management, you don’t do no work. Of course, there are very few web sites do not need to review you can self exchange Links, this depends on you to discover, I not directly revealed. In short, multi network, will catch fish.

today Sanming high weight website Shanghai dragon talk, mainly refers to the difficult to exchange Links gov and edu website, can of course by analogy to other high weight website. Gov and edu website chain to enhance the site weight and ranking the benefits is self-evident, here is his collection of tips to share with you, if I feel good, I hope you help.

(3) first law forum. This is the best way of twists and turns, need to spend some time and energy. Quite a few gov and edu sites are equipped with the forum, I believe all day outside the chain has collected a lot of friends. You have to do is irrigation, when good, send some good posts, mix a good level, cause the attention of the administrator. Then through the post, SMS, QQ and other methods, and the administrator set almost. To the depths of love, by the way in exchange for a Links, should not be a problem. After a period of time to make the exchange station Links, many forum management and the main station manager is the same person, at least in the management team, to add a chain, should not be a problem, the key is whether you have made any trust and administrator.


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