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My webmaster road series of essay activitiesTakeaway system takeaway buy mall to bring you takeo

The "new retail" of the

1, style is not limited, can be prose, novels, essays, poetry and so on.

2, the theme is not limited, you can describe your experience, share the experience of online advertising, review the current trend of advertising alliances.

prize setting:

1, first prize: 1 prizes: cash 3000 yuan,

4, contribution way, stationmaster friend can log in ADMIN5 stationmaster net, behind the time forum or PV alliance home page, enter contribution page to contribute.

co organizer: ADMIN5 webmaster network, outdated forum, China Webmaster Station,


December 7, 2007 – December 23, 2007 public vote


, blink of an eye to 2008. We had a good SP, TAOBAO, EACH and other Internet network advertising situation in time, we also experienced the depression of the network times, Time went by., then please let us again with the familiar keyboard I master down, to pay homage to the us through to

activity theme: "my webmaster’s road" essay activities

existing takeaway platform is built between the platform and businesses, businesses and users of dependence, the three are indispensable. Users who enter the platform are all users of takeout ordering requirements and will leave soon after the reservation is completed. But we change the angle of thinking, users want to eat, this behavior is nothing more than two choices, first, online reservations, second to offline restaurants for consumption. And in the offline restaurant for consumption, he also needs a restaurant to buy meals. After the completion of the meal behavior, trust in the platform, but also stay on the platform to experience more of your service content. For example, he will be in your selected mall goods to enter the appropriate entrance for consumption. It’s a full user experience with takeout as a traffic portal, and users complete the closed loop operation in the "new retail" takeaway platform.

in the entrepreneurial wave of the Internet, each entrepreneur is a single boat, at any time may appear rollover. Therefore, when you decide to embark on the road to entrepreneurship, you should combine all the high-quality resources, fully play their initiative to the extreme, even if there is "rollover", you can quickly escape. In the Internet project, the technical problems you encounter are always the basic issues, the lack of the business model of cattle, as well as a group of mobile, creative people. Driven by the successful business model of cattle, there will be more unexpected new technologies

2, two prize 2 prizes: senior two pairs of casual shoes worth 800 yuan "

Jianghu CMS as an excellent domestic O2O system software provider, has been committed to providing entrepreneurs with more efficient, easy to use, and close to the mainstream values of the current Internet start-ups. Entrepreneurs can take the "La River takeaway" 3 systems quickly built to achieve "take + buy + mall" new retail variety portfolio, to 1+1+1> 3 effect.

event official: pv.cn/activities/

on stage all works will not open after the December 7th deadline, all manuscripts will be published, for the majority of owners vote evaluation.

The flight of time

takeaway platform requires a multi-channel drainage portal to create a full user experience scenario,

December 24, 2007 announced results of the selection


et PV

November 23, 2007 – December 6, 2007 essay

organizer: Marketing Alliance

rivers and lakes CMS help build 1+1+1> 3 new takeaway platform

we walk in silence, in the ever-changing network, we have been a silent walker. Spring summer autumn winter, we are the familiar keyboard, with a line of code, in exchange for their own hard work, we share our happy harvest, each described failure of melancholy, word motivation let us continue to walk……

friendship sponsor: shoes net

"new retail" this concept is often mentioned in recent years, but also under the advocacy of Ma, has become a familiar public term. In fact, as early as the beginning of 2016, millet decline in performance serious, Lei Jun dished out the "new retail" and "new domestic" concept. Aimed at millet through its own efforts to create domestic products, millet home in the new retail model of good selling concept packaging. Although the new retail in the "big brothers" in the mouth have made different interpretations, but the purpose is to become new concept leader and income endorsement. The following I will take you to discuss online shopping platform "new retail" model.

Note: the


essay request:

active time:

we are a group of people walking on the edge of the network, we like the portal site that has brilliant light, we are not as large emerging brands that have risk investment support and strong backing, we do not even look like small industry sites that have a formal company site.

3, in particular, welcomes the recommendations of the PV marketing alliance, contributes to current CPS trends and advertising techniques.


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