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How to optimize a US exclusive website template

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in our production site in every site has a template, many webmaster do stand when it is not in the website just looking for a dream template installed you do, so that we solve the problem of template? I tell you that this approach is wrong, website optimization the template is very important for a website, we need to find a professional person to do a template template, many details and layout problems we must grasp and put in a template, here to share some template optimization techniques.

note: whether to take care of the long tail keywords ranking first, making sketches. Second, little pictures (we should be integrated into the CSS interception of a picture). In third, the number of chain list is reasonable, we are arranged within the chain of reason. Fourth, the size of the font, we have to consider our customers also refer to our competitors font. Fifth, the template text, we need to do more to streamline the better principle.

2. sketch notes

template can reflect the importance of our content layout, the most important content in a timely manner to show customers, determines the recognition and grab our web images, the overall layout template also determines our entire layout of the site, and our website content filling and directory layout strategy, these are reflected in the template a.

< 2> template directory: we want our > and competition.

3. the

sketch template The details of the

, a template in the optimization of theThe


in the process of drafting we must constantly ask ourselves, this place why we put our forum, to meet customer demand for the premise of designing section, we directly to user needs to verify whether this forum can exist.

< 1> page template: 1.logo place, why do we want to explain what the benefits of our logo is able to click on the. The 2. page section placed we must fully in accordance with the needs of most customers are placed, and the important problems are solved directly on the home page or demand.

1. competitor analysis

two, the common template optimization considerations

in making sketches before we must carry on the data collection: we want to rival data were collected, including competitors do good and bad, our competitors page opening speed, compression and processing to clear our page size and call picture number and JS number to see them JS code to streamline and merge, pictures, we have to do better than the opponent, at the same time we also analysis placement and chain layout, directory placement of competitors is reasonable, we do optimization.


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