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Shenyang group purchase website do Google home page method

website internal links main keywords are: Shenyang group purchase website, link to the home page. This word is very long, the site is divided into 3 levels, one is the home page, is a classified catalogue, one is the article or is the final page. When it comes to this word, I would be bold, add links, reflect. I pay attention to the word, the search engine must pay attention to this word. I always think so.

said I submitted to the search engine, the link is not included, but the information about your site. The search engine of their products is high degree of attention, so the search engine products has become the focus of my love, to the product of Shanghai experience, know, library, and so on.

Shenyang 196 group purchase website I chose for the Shenyang group purchase website, users often search words, neither hot nor cold. I think this word is the key words of the long tail keywords inside, so the key words must be accurately set. The main keywords, I can also do some, Shenyang group purchase website navigation, Shenyang area network group purchase etc..

follow the content of truth, I 1-2 every day of the original article, put in the group purchase group purchase news skills inside the column. See more web content or user, 1 months time, I also false original. Of course, the title of the article is the most attractive, Shanghai dragon Er had to work here.

(3) how to find a blog, you can search: blog, can be found on page tenth, because this blog is also good.

1, positioningKeywords

saw several rival external links, I am looking for a few outside the chain, and included fast site. The query method is: the chain domain:+ website, mainly classified information, forum, blog. And the application of soft wen.

er a Shanghai dragon in a month’s time, the master key is a new station (Shenyang group purchase website) do noble baby home.

source: Shenyang 196 group, 贵族宝贝www>


(2) how to find can be posted in the forum, you can search advertising area: bbs

this work is very boring for a Shanghai dragon Er, but each detail work as the fun is not feel boring. For example: say you want to write the title, then you will be how to write the title, what is the method of writing the title, to search to consider, you will attract the title of users.

4, external links

2, the content of the website

5, submitted to the search engine


3, the website of the internal links


said the main methods and experiences of my

(1): people can go to classified information network, Ganji


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