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Situation grasp the ranking signs timely optimization effect is better

what time is most suitable for the web site, as a webmaster, do you know? Have to say 24 hours of continuous updating is optimal, but not many grassroots can do it. In addition to any update? Generally speaking, in the website update as early as 6 points to 9 points, is the best time to update. Of course it is only that person several years of experience, around 9 general search engine spiders put more time. But the thing is not absolute, in ensuring an updated usage, the spider can also be fixed time and keep at home is not a bad idea. There are 3 pieces of the original can be released if every day, nor will the accumulation point out at the same time. The optimization effect of optimal, can be released gradually, makes the search engine used to check for updates to crawl.

as a webmaster, used to see the website log that you need to know. Not only can see whether the site was malicious attacks and intrusion, we can also see the search index rule engine, and the website appeared in what kind of situation, which can be displayed at a glance. Similar to the author in the domain name before the blog, do not know the domain name have been built, but after the operation, we found 404 errors through the log, hundreds of times a day. Is this, if not in time, what will be the result? A lot of 404 without treatment, light weight to get down right even K station. View the site log, of course, not only these. The content included some useless, they can easily see through the log, and shielding, beneficial to the website optimization. Such as: a small icon in the template, which is not included in N? So for such a high repeat content, should not end shield, may be one of the factors affecting site.

content is included more and more effective? Some webmaster only see included quantity, not quality. However, for example, an article addresses xxxx贵族宝贝/news.asp>

: select the

: three page address format included

two: Web log can not be ignored

daily update time

what is the Shanghai dragon optimization search engine optimization rules of homeopathy?. However, in the actual operation, how many people timely for search engine optimization rules? Most of the webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er is just "legalistic" doing the right thing, and steady optimization. But what is the purpose of Shanghai dragon? 42 dial the optimization effect of Jack, is the essence of Shanghai dragon er. In the shortest time, to achieve the best effect of the ranking of Shanghai dragon Er is the qualified personnel in Shanghai dragon. How to achieve this goal? That binary search engine rankings, grasp the signs, timely optimization effect is better, or make further efforts to achieve a multiplier effect. No drift, site in the development process in the short term will not top-notch, and if the long run may inevitably make ends meet, then The loss outweighs the gain..


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