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The water flow when the site optimization appreciate

wants to write an article, write the name since water flow, when to cherish, his explanation is a little bit of user, we should treasure, then with this title, say oneself should pay attention to and pay attention to the parts in the structure, which must be considered down, water flow, when to cherish and every user, every resource will become a driving force for you later, after all only let the user satisfaction to make us satisfied, can be recognized by others.

a small visitor, first of all, you must understand him to enter the site to remember! Everyone into your site is not see your technology how in place, if others do not need to use, you do not use too much, remember to enter the Taobao search that love Shanghai product manager and I forgot the name, since he is a product manager, it is a product of a large number of tests, others are cattle, really cattle, will the user experience to do so, he said, the user experience is not technology, today is not how much you do brilliant effect, I completed the application of a function not tomorrow however, it should be helpful for local users, only the user knows what the user needs, and need not what I think of the user, this is the user experience, from the user’s point of view To consider the user’s thing, that is the real experience. Remember to see this period of time was already very know, this is the product, this is what we should do every one. A little pan, then introduce belongs to our user experience, we often neglect some places, I believe that everyone has to help, has not the same place.


logo: the first place the link, logo is the site of the sign, if I am a user, logo has a direct link click will be necessary, I don’t love Click on the home page 2 words, but the value of the logo attribute, since logo on behalf of the website, then certainly is an important part of the page website; user experience of logo links can not be ignored.

second: the navigation bar, some people may ask, what is the navigation problem; the problem in the navigation bar, the navigation bar is divided into two kinds, one is the main navigation, navigation is a main navigation; needless to say what, so long the next navigation, what is a concise point navigation? Is your website the following part, on which the "contact us, join us to participate in a ranking and so on the" little useless, remember when Xiaohan blog today, he was modified to optimize template noble baby, just a little, that is to "read" the four remove the characters; think about what it is for, more than a link on the home page is the correlation of dilution, sometimes more important and their correlation; there is a point, filling a large number of products is the end of the page links, Remember to have a website page encountered. The link below, both is a kind of harm to the user or se.


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