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The optimization result from the rain Shanghai dragon forum is obtained by K

analysis of the wolf rain Shanghai Longfeng site ranked first, the Internet has a different analysis, combined with their own experience, talk about the rain of Shanghai Longfeng ranked first view:

3, the domain name is a domain name at the same time the bombing, resolved to the same site, this principle in many years ago have been proposed, namely multiple domain names or the same domain more than two domain and a binding site, will enhance the rank of master.

rain Shanghai dragon website ranked first, a lot of people did indeed violate the "benefits", finally, to the artificial intervention, from the love of Shanghai completely removed, it reminds me of the last L-carnitine case, large stations occupied love Shanghai in the first three pages, thus causing the large-scale adjustment of Shanghai love and I supposed that this is one of the reasons for classification of information website weight increase, this method can effectively eliminate the station group.

2, a large Links, and Links or one-way links, this point is equivalent to the station group principle, do not do too much to explain.

4, closely watched the rain Shanghai dragon forum, will be found, when the site of the site, will find a similar www.hz67贵族宝贝/? 123; 345; www.hz67贵族宝贝/? Www.hz67贵族宝贝/? 456 on the form of the site, usually under the situation, we will bring traffic analysis, we use this form to the web site, the rain is very can buy a certain amount of traffic, the Internet was proposed in Shanghai dragon love Shanghai index has been around 7000, from the beginning of June 26th, Shanghai Longfeng index in July 1st soared to about 17000 large-scale, specific inference in the rain brush flow, in fact, I don’t agree with this statement, I believe there is a real flow, even if there is also, the rain will not only in a few days 10000ip brush flow, unless he does not want his station.

in my opinion, the rain Shanghai dragon forum is k, in addition to the rain with some means of cheating, the 4 points mentioned above, there is a part of human factors, when many people think that the rain is cheating to win ranking, love Shanghai without considering the number of website optimization feeling. If any of its development and let the punishment does not rain, the more.

1 on the Internet, look at this, a discovery was made that the first rain in Shanghai dragon forum is only the imitation of Shanghai dragon why forum, a website optimization experience will know, mirroring a ranking good site, will get good rankings in the short term, because of the short term can not be divided into love in Shanghai clear a site which is true, or can be understood in preparation for the Shanghai site to replace the domain name of love.

rain Shanghai dragon forum is k, some people say that he is too high, some people say that he is cheating the search engine, there are people who say he is the subversion of the search engine theory……



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