The website is needed before decision what

decided it must change, you need to make the appropriate decisions in the revision before the need for rectification which contents, then formulate rectification method, it can effectively improve the website effect, and can control the negative effect of the revision to the lowest level. The following analysis of some key decision content.

but if it comes to the revision of the CMS system, which means that there is a significant change, including the HTML code, static URL etc.. Even the URL naming conventions changed. But if you choose the CMS station system itself optimization performance, also will have a serious negative impact on the revised website. So in the CMS revision, must be on the CMS system analysis, selection of high quality CMS system, then as far as possible the use of the original URL naming conventions, use the same name as consistent as possible, so as to reduce the negative impact on the CMS revision in the website.

second, the maximum protection of URL does not change. Now many sites in the revision, easy to address before URL will change, such as the content storage directory structure, which will make the search engine that this site is a new site, so before the old site put into the operation effect will be greatly reduced. So before the revision decisions need to be before the site of the URL naming rules re sort, and continue to follow. Includes a folder in the web site space in the storage location. Of course, in the actual process of revision, there will be some change URL address and file structure, the need to pay attention to a little, it is needed to maintain the spatial structure of the original site, and then through the method of 301 redirection, the weight of the old URL transfer to the new URL, when the weight of URL is new re recognized, then the original website space related content delete machine. It can reduce the loss to the lowest level of revision.

third, in a gradual decision must pay attention to modify the contents of the site after revision. Before many webmaster >

is the first web page design, modify or modify the CMS system. The website usually has several different degrees of revision, a revised web design style change, the other is the CMS system. For the former, basically changed is the look of the page, and the content and the corresponding URL usually causes no change at the same time, the HTML code is basically not changed. As a result of the revision of the website style does not normally have a dramatic impact on the website. The scope of its influence is mainly the template itself whether to have the good optimization, the user affinity to.

in the Internet world, the website is inevitable. But once the new web site, if the method is not correct, it is easy to appear a variety of problems, and even affect the site in Shanghai in search engine rankings, so it will bring negative effects to our website.



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