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Before the station is not included to expand the two level domain is dug the grave site

two level domain name included, if your site is not included, so the whole weight of the website is a kind of transfer, we should have the website weight is concentrated in the primary site, but your two level domain name has not been included, the master search engine, this time will cause the spider crawling ignore the master directly crawling two level domain, through space log analysis, if you find it, then there are only two ways: 1, increase the chain input intensity, whether through the chain to make a full range of spider web 2, to strengthen the quality accreditation; master the content, whether it is the content of the web site there is a problem. If you master by these methods has not been recognized as love Shanghai, I tell you, you have two choices:

Internet domain name price has been very stable, generally registered a COM domain name prices between 50-60 yuan, which is affordable for several webmaster want to do, but there is a part of the webmaster heart sky is very wide, want to do a dozens of hundreds of different sites, and more of the site spend more costs to include domain name, host and so on. Among them, can be said to do 10 websites need to spend at least 1000 yuan, which for individual owners is a big expense, so have part of the webmaster playing two level domain attention.

After the

master is not included, two level domain name has been included is a satire on the master, to know the two level domain name is just a part of the web site, why the search engine included your two level domain name is not included in your master, from a positive point of view this is why search engines do not recognize you. The master, from the side view is the main content you do well, you can imagine that even the two domain names are recognized by search engines, and your master has not been recognized this is not what is ironic, but after the two level domain name included, if your host is not included, so want to make the master station is included in the search engine may be a bit difficult, love Shanghai spider has to grab your site many times, but is not included, so if your two level domain name was collected, the master has not been received Recorded, so the author suggest you give up the domain name, started a new life.

this part of the webmaster approach is to start a separate domain name, directory in the virtual host, classification of submission, to build web sites is not actually wrong with this method, but some webmaster do not know the domain name included principle, are often the two level domain name included, while the main domain name website has not been in love in Shanghai such a long time on the recognition, two level domain name will not have a good ranking, which is a waste of time, in the face of this situation I told you: is the grave to expand the two level domain before the station is not included here, with the talk.

1, give up the master domain name, the Lord will jump to the two level domain, by this method can guarantee the site of the two domain long-term indexed by search engines or the master has not included, the next time is.


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