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How to see the effect of website optimization website ranking is evidence

anchor text

when using the anchor text, an article which don’t use too much, so not much good for website optimization. Although the website optimization must be published, but it is not necessary for each article with anchor text. If the user is interested in a keyword, but through the anchor text to click on links and keywords little contact, will also have an impact on the website image. In fact, this kind of low quality text anchor text is said.

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel most love is the way with the chain. The chain of website optimization certainly useful, but this is not to say that any chain. When the website optimization, try to content, don’t always use chain. Some people even think that the more the chain optimization, the influence of the rankings better, so they continue with the chain. However, this is likely to add their own a lot of waste outside the chain. This kind of chain not only make the website optimization more and more difficult, or even result in extremely unstable ranking.

as everyone knows, the anchor text can bring more traffic to the site, which has certain effect on the website ranking optimization. However, the choice of the anchor text, we must ensure that the quality of the text. In fact, the anchor text does not necessarily have to point to the home page, if you can point to the product page is also good. In addition, the anchor text is not only a form of changing for several anchor text form on the website ranking is also good.

now to love Shanghai Links than before a lot of strict management. If the site set Links, we must add higher quality links, not just add links. Some link quality is too low, it will cause the site to drop right, followed the natural ranking. So, Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel must.

second, to ensure the quality of

optimization personnel should understand some contents of the chain. If the release of a large number of the chain through the mass software, although it looks very time, method is not very ideal. Even when serious side effects on the website optimization. From the present situation, the situation in Shanghai is hitting the waste outside the chain of love. In fact, for the website optimization personnel, it is also a waste of the chain opportunities. Although there is no way to dispose of all, but certainly there will be some benefits for website optimization.

updated every day, the chain also did a lot of, put a lot of time cost in website optimization, website ranking is not seen by how much. This is the Shanghai dragon personnel often encounter problems. Although a lot of investment cost, but as long as the rankings do not, there is no way to prove their strength. In fact, the website ranking to do a good job, is not updated in a few simple passage, add a few outside the chain can do. So, how can we improve website rankings? I do website optimization from the angle over the past several years, there are some very important factors.

third, strictly specified Links standard

first, the careful use of the chain.


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