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Beginners to learn several problems must be considered the website optimization

second, our website to provide services for users to think about those problems. Each type of site service user groups, age, patterns vary, we take enterprise station for example, as a professional Shanghai dragon Er, to increase the number of content and link for the site to consider the most is not every day, but how customers can through their own site to get those valuable things for example, business news and information is the user to understand the business information window, honor is the cornerstone to increase customer trust, and contact or the user is answering the first time and customer communication enterprises, enterprises and users is the most effective way of communication, in order to further enhance the service quality of site, many companies also set up a special line communication training, business case and production workshop, machining process, these are no doubt help users better understand the enterprise I believe, companies have done the necessary station details.

in the learning process to optimize the we must consider carefully and careful thought as a new optimization layout, I have always thought that we cannot be without thinking under the condition for site operation and maintenance optimization, then you need to pay attention to those pre optimization details need those who stand in? Analysis and thinking of our optimization problem? The author through some thinking about the following talk about how to optimize the process optimization process in our regular.

third, on theory and practice problems. Beginners is our biggest problem every day to read a lot of books or articles optimization optimization, but many of these theories seem and our actual operation is very different, this is very normal, because what is the experience? Experience is from practice, summed up a lot of others without your own validation directly used use, have a lot of problems, because a website will often spend a lot of effort, merely subjective and drawing on the experience of others, certainly not.

first, the optimization process of empathy is the first thing we have to think of. Many practitioners do not pay attention to our website optimization objective and on-line serving? This will make the optimization work from the beginning as a fly without head, here the author suggests that we should stand in the user’s point of view, analysis of Web site to provide users with those valuable things, either content or extrapolation the site, to help users solve those problems, this is one of the. Secondly, from the search engine to consider. The purpose of search engine is an entrance information, to find their own solution to the problem of information or make a lot of people through the search engine, and our site as a bridge between the search engine and the user, for the user to provide quality service to the spirit of content for the search engine to optimize the the deployment of thinking. If our site can provide users provided valuable information to help users find the search engine, then effective flow weight and website search engine to give our site, it will certainly increase.

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