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360 search optimization can not be ignored to dare

so why in the 360 search engine optimization? The author thinks that at least have the following advantages: first, the 360 is more inclusive, so the optimization difficulty is not so high. Second, 360 search engines have improved, so the algorithm is more stable and fair. Third, because 360 is a new search engine, in order to provide search services, then we need to gather more content, if blindly call love Shanghai search results, is advertised to love Shanghai, but also not conducive to their own development, as long as the content of your site original enough, the quality is relatively high, generally can be included. Fourth, 360 itself has entered the second largest search engine ranks, plus the security software this strong background, limitless future development. Fifth, computer lab 360 more love fool operation, which will undoubtedly bring greater development space to 360 search engines.

of course, in addition to the above five reasons, including 360 for the webmaster has better affinity, so it must be the webmaster to bring 360 to fully understand the search engine itself.

so for a careful webmaster, the search engine of the future development of the market will usher in a lot of variables, after the withdrawal from the market China from Google, love Shanghai quickly fill Google had 30% of the market space. But when a company enters into the very influential, is often the most vulnerable time, but this time, it is to catch the 360 chance, so there will be a 360 search engine. 360 and the emergence of the search engine, even in just a little more than a year, has completed 30% of the market share, it is enough to see the potential of 360.

said that although the current 360 search in terms of user experience and performance are not able to love Shanghai and par, but with 360 of its own in the security market, is also the advantage on the desktop, the rising market space is huge, so from the perspective of the development of future 360, is currently the most likely and love Shanghai competitive search engine, then in the possible development background, the majority of owners need to pay attention to the optimization for the 360 search engines, and to be first in the world, which it is possible to obtain more profits.

the current search engine is a circle of love in Shanghai alone, the situation from the perspective of market competition is obviously not good, but from now many of our search engine performance, experience and results will undoubtedly love Shanghai’s accuracy is the highest, so love Shanghai alone is no ground for blame. But in the Internet community, follow the same flower hundred days of red principle, even if the mobile phone has become the Empire of NOKIA and Motorola, are not closure, was acquired by the acquisition, and many enterprises website on the Internet for those of us onlookers raging like a storm, who is It is quite common for the.


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