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Grassroots webmaster share Shanghai dragon record growth


was the first to do the chain first consideration is the love of Shanghai know, with products related to the love of Shanghai, try to answer plus links can make the landlord satisfaction is accepted, of course, this is likely to be temporary, because love in Shanghai know when your website there is a certain number of times it will automatically do not pass the audit, the next step is to through the webmaster forum to post, successively in the laggards, A5, 28 and other well-known forums, the second is in the blog writing and posting classified information network with Web links and the anchor text links, and high quality website links (you can buy or exchange), the need to do is to update the text at the beginning, is updated every 3 days later is updated once a week, on time more than 20 days a month is now 2 times the effect, here we may doubt why Now the effect is reduced? Here I will give you talk about the optimization of experienced rough

? According to the current become an expert? Shanghai dragon

site is Google promotion, the current Shanghai love weight, noble baby PR was 2, fell in love with the sea included more than 85%, more than 95% noble baby collection, each big search engine keywords are on the home page, the site is relatively 3 months can be considered a success, what are the deficiencies also please advice:

upload space immediately after the visit their website, the normal display, began to submit your site to various search engines, and then is the chain, add original content website



said that I believe we are very eager to know how to quickly become Shanghai Longfeng experts, many people may have seen the Shanghai dragon network introduced cheats like, say what I think are the master, forever just empty talk, we want to let oneself quickly become Shanghai Longfeng experts, we must go to practice, just like life as we are not out of the minds of the good, but from the details of their own experience, ADO, here I give you my simple Shanghai dragon about the growth experience, then in the analysis for the specific case now how do we do not like me into the blind walk less the machine

site is made of pure static pages, spent his spare time half a month finished, total page has 40 pages or so, basically frame no problem, there may be lack of content (you can visit the website), due to technical limitations do not set the site and robot.tex information, upload to space (Overseas space);



network development of Shanghai dragon has become the most popular topic, I believe many people talked about the Shanghai Dragon technology is full of mysterious curiosity, in fact, when you really understand Shanghai, you will find that the original you are a Shanghai Longfeng expert, then we know how to make their own cognition of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon




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