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Analysis of website content words is not the more the better

webmasters may think that Tang contrast without contrast, after all, this is not the ancient. But now take the novel to contrast, we know that the Internet network literature in recent years was very successful, there are a lot of network literature at nearly 10 million words, but let people read is like chewing wax. But some people write thousands of words of the mini novels, can benefit people. Even some of the thousands of words no one or two a long and minute statement, let people enjoy the chicken soup. From the point of view of modern comparative literature, the content of quality is obviously and there is no direct relationship between words.

for technical articles, the content of the writing must be clear, the process is very clear, if necessary, need to put on the corresponding illustrations, especially to describe clearly the user easily ignored in the application of these technology points, allowing users to consult the technical content you will be able to solve the problem quickly. It can be regarded as high quality content. Of course, to solve user problems in security at the same time, can be reduced by proper words, the content of a certain degree of simplification, so that it can make the user less attention to those fine.

now many webmaster think, want to improve the quality of website content, at least to write a thousand words, and words is better, the best in publishing these contents, as much as possible paging, a content is divided into five or six small pages, so that it can reflect the content of net station quality, but also think so, the content is easy to be loved in Shanghai included, and included the ranking is relatively high. However, many owners are, to make the update of a serious problem, update the difficulty increase highly, and gradually lose confidence in the website operation, and ultimately escape from the industry in.

content and the number of characters has no direct relationship, do not you see Li Bai’s "Tianmu Mountain ascended in a dream" and "Jingyesi" can spread through the ages, and this two poems a copious and fluent thousands of words, and the other one is only 20 words, from this point of view, the content and quality of the obviously, there is no direct relationship between the number of words.

content is more words really better? Such judgement is clearly arbitrary. And the reason for such a decision is summarized from the media content in website! I believe that this is debatable, want to know the website content from the media content of the website and some other industries have the essential difference, if a dead pull hard set, it is lost in the innovation, and ultimately to themselves in times of trouble.

However, the

of course, this does not mean that we are writing web content, can be lazy, it needs a few hundred words, thousands of words can tell a more comprehensive skills, or an industry news, in order to be lazy, just write a title, for research use only some of the text title to illustrate, for news content, will give you a let you guess. This text is not difficult to obtain quality clearance, user acceptance.

In fact, the quality of


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