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A5 optimization team new sites can exchange to the appropriate Links

two: do not cross connection

site weight is high, the switch to the Links quality is also higher, this is the inevitable law of website optimization. However, just at the beginning of the new station, how to exchange the right Links? Many owners of this loss, often inadvertently casually chose Links, resulting in overall trust website search engine PSS. In this regard, optimization of A5 group (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝 Shanghai Longfeng) the following suggestions, help the webmaster to find appropriate and reasonable Links.


often received some webmaster message: "my site is PR*, exchange links, with your website?" a new webmaster must be very happy, your site is not PR wow, have high PR web site to find their own links. But when the owners look at its PR level, what is the number of Links more to see the other output. Such as: a PR3 website if input in more than 40, basically not what role exchange, what is the use? A lot of selling links, PR5 site has one hundred, two hundred links, what is the use of


three: a number of links

: only do similar exchange

five: beware of fraud

not only by virtue of the site included, PR level to judge the quality of the website, because what about "equal", the high weight of the site will not find you a new sites to do links, unless the sky really fall pie, or you have wide connections. The new exchange Links, more should pay attention to each other website has the potential for development, how to present quality, whether through perfect optimization, construction content of the chain is timely and excellent. Encounter this kind of website, then exchange it, your weight will often get in the end is equivalent to upgrade.

four: on site quality

any website, whether new or old station, in exchange Links principle, first of all to abide by a principle: only similar websites Link exchange. The new station is difficult to find suitable Links partners, often do not choose the categories to exchange friendship link. In fact, this kind of website exchange more, especially in the website, on the website of the "rank" is no good at all, unless it is a one-way link.

often have some owners in the "cross connect" exchange, such as: "your A links to my C station, B station I give you the link". In fact, it is really about C, instead of B station, B station is the role of a link workshop. He abandoned the site, you can also expect to bring much benefit to you? This kind of exchange link, is in hand to create a web site link workshop.

‘s "link" fraud villain too much, webmasters may also have to prevent. Often used for measurement: rob>


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