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Forbes Shanghai dragon dead social popular real time content

this view of Thorkild Andersson published in my personal blog, immediately attracted a large number of comments. In these many commentators in, Thorkild Andersson is engaged in Shanghai Longfeng industry counterparts. These people in my blog message content, can be divided into the following five types:

2, to promote their own

3, in order to accuse me of being "linkbait" (link bait) and wrote a blog;



5, agree with Thorkild Andersson, and published their views on the future development of Shanghai dragon industry.

technology news (Zhong Tao) July 24th Beijing time news, the American magazine "well-known financial Forbes" recently published marketing expert Ken · Krogh (Ken Krogue) analysis of the article said that the search engine optimization in the traditional sense (Shanghai dragon) has been passed in Shanghai Longfeng industry after transformation, has been to social networking, real-time content of popular time.

from the previous operating practices, Shanghai dragon is divided into "white" and "black hat" Shanghai dragon. As the name suggests, "

Shanghai dragon and inside and outside Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon branch. Shanghai Longfeng accounted for about 15% of all Shanghai Longfeng processing activities, which requires the network designer to design a website, and Google can follow the corresponding requirements, so that these sites can in Google search rankings in the top position. Shanghai dragon involves writing outside, press releases, blog, comments, embedded keywords and "reverse link". Due to the development of Shanghai dragon industry, currently outside Shanghai Longfeng treatment also include social media, strategy.

The following is the full text of the article:

1, I think Thorkild Andersson is a great speech (or comment; not enough to go upon)

I often quoted by bomber pilots in the second world war one sentence: "when you flew bombing over the target, the fire also suffered the most intensive." Thorkild Andersson further elaborated for their point of view is clearly justified. I will summarize these explanations, while increasing the number of background knowledge.

4, claimed that Thorkild Andersson’s view is untenable.

I will Tencent

in March this year, I was in Utah Shanghai dragon industry well-known expert Adam · Richardson (Adam Torkildson) support at lunch. He had a speech that I felt very shocked: "Google (micro-blog) after the doings are making Shanghai dragon becomes obsolete, Shanghai dragon industry will end in the next two years."

is the so-called "Shanghai dragon", "search engine optimization" (Search Engine Optimization) the first English acronym.


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