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Some views on shlf1314 Adsense KDo Taobao half moon income 80 experience summary


the answer is: No, cheating is

answer: cheat and invalid click!

first blog, I use Sina’s blog, the main use of single product promotion. In fact, the blog is also a single product promotion tips. Blogging is a place for journaling. Don’t think simple advertising will buy. You have to think in reverse thinking, you will like a full advertising blog, and also relish to see, and go to buy it? Maybe there will be, not many.



the only reason: you broke shlf1314’s interests, or you couldn’t benefit googel, and advertisers complained,

will do regular K, the answer will also be: invalid click too much,


what is invalid click, that is, can not give advertisers the interests of the click,

! !

is under 50% K probability, because this is real data, it can also bring effects to advertising!

to be a good Taobao, diligence is a must. Do not always want to do a blog, hanging advertising, find a code, do a web site, change a PID, you can wait at home to get a commission. That’s daydreaming. Maybe lucky people occasionally make a deal, and then act like a fool. And for what is the difference? Want to become a good Taobao customer: industrious, hard, hard, learning is a must. Muddleheaded wrote these. Hope to inspire everyone.

third level: true traffic points, but violations click, such as import traffic that is, pop-up to their own Adsense station

! ? !

on the Adsense K number of research! Account related issues: Online circulation is to change IP, personal experience is as long as the Qing cookies basically not associated

! !

has been a Taobao customer for half a month. Half a month to pay, but also return. In fact, as long as you work hard and try to learn more from your forefathers, you will surely reap something.

second level: software mutual point, found dead, this is actually similar to the first point, but expanded,

, shlf1314, Adsense, why K, your number?

shlf1314 how to distinguish between invalid click: first, the above invalid click, and there is no knowing, after all, I’m not a Adsense engineer,

key issues

below, I’ll tell you about my experience, I hope to help the novice. My Taobao promotion mainly depends on blogs and websites:

so I’m using the guided shopping method. I usually write a blog first, and then I can do a single product promotion according to the products involved in the blog. My blog address is: http://s.blog.sina.cn/huiyueyu, we can go to see, refer to. Besides, website promotion, do Taobao customers, not put in less capital, always want to empty handed white wolf, perhaps there are successful predecessors, but most of them are failed. So I registered the domain name first, bought the space, has made a Taobao navigation station.


my website address is: lllbbb.cm signpost shopping navigation. All the links on the site are my one by one to fill it up, the store is also a through the mother of Ali’s background to find a higher commission crown shop. A lot of people’s website is a look at the others early code just replace PID in a hurry to upload, do not go to see a promotion when the code has expired? The shop is still there? You go to see your promotion is not connected or alimama domain? Now the promotion is in taobao domain. Are you always complaining about new people who don’t have any income? Have you ever thought about these issues,

the first level: own points, found dead! This can not bring benefits to advertisers, of course, can not bring benefits to shlf1314!

cheats all K,

what’s the reason that destroys shlf1314’s interests?

experience is in my martial arts network Ali www.aliwushu.cnGG account was K after, and I hope to help our friends!


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