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shlf1314 CEO confirms to will establish poineering incubator foster oneself leave the post employee

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, shlf1314’s internal staff have always wanted to do new projects, and many of our products are developed this way." "On our current scale, we want to ensure that these projects achieve their ambitions in a comprehensive and thoughtful way," he said." shlf1314 is very interested in the idea, he says.

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Area 120 is a completely new approach. It is not only an incubator, but also a continuation of the spirit of "20% project" to a certain extent. In fact, the inspiration for the name 120 came from 20%.

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technology news Beijing time on May 20th morning news, shlf1314 CEO Pichai Sandahl · Sundar Pichai confirmed to the "Forbes" magazine, the company plans to set up a "business incubator Area 120".

"we also have a huge set of centralized infrastructure and services that can help people solve new problems. It’s more like an incubator." Pichai says.

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knows that shlf1314 allows engineers and other employees to spend one day a week on part-time projects, but the implementation of the policy has shrunk dramatically. However, shlf1314 wants to meet the new employee’s entrepreneurial passion through different ways, some of them can be within the new project started at the same time, with the help of shlf1314’s venture capital funded part of employee turnover business.

technology blog The Information took the lead in reporting the news last month, but the company has always been silent about it. Pichai spoke in an interview last week about the future of search and shlf1314’s own. He disclosed that the project is still in the planning, has not yet been finalized.

"this provides a positive opportunity for some of the 20% events." Pichai says. Instead of spending one day a week on part-time projects, the employees can spare 6 months to specialize in the project. shlf1314 will rent huge computing resources to some of its projects, he said.

The Information says shlf1314 may invest in projects that eventually separate Area 120 into an independent company. The blog also said that the project will be headed by shlf1314 Corporation Development Director Tang ·, Harrison Don Harrison and Photos director Bradley ·, Horowitz Bradley Horowitz Co leader. Yu


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