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Watch out A technology company named after its founder is more difficult to succeedReJeune set top

‘s researchers were two economists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stern ScottStern and Guzman JorgeGuzman, whose findings were published in the latest issue of the Journal science.

Roku is one of the first manufacturers of streaming set-top boxes to market. But the market has become more competitive, including apple, shlf1314 micro-blog, Amazon and other manufacturers have launched a similar product.

researchers look at the company’s innovation levels include patent numbers and levels of development after six years, such as whether they are acquired or listed by other companies.

Among the many indicators that

sources said, Roku as early as 2014, has submitted a secret file to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC, apply for listing. The company is currently drafting a new registration paper to show its business model shifting to high margin advertising and licensing revenues. In addition, Roku also hired Morgan Stanley and Citigroup as one of its lead underwriters. So far, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Roku declined to comment on the report.


initial public offering will be able to test investors’ popularity of Roku. As the founder and CEO of Roku, Anthony Wood Anthony Wood pioneered the concept of digital video recorder DVR, and is also a pioneer in helping consumers cut traditional cable lines.

The shorter the company with the

, Tencent, California, USA, Silicon Valley is the center of global technology and Internet innovation, and Silicon Valley has a large number of start-up companies and technology companies. Recently, the American scholar for the entrepreneurial quality and development of Silicon Valley technology companies, carried out detailed quantitative analysis, and through the map shows where Silicon Valley firms are more successful, they also found some interesting patterns of the development of Silicon Valley companies.

Roku is one of the few to allow the use of Roku Channel Store add channel mall streaming media set-top box products outside the custom channel, this leads to a large number of third party piracy channel influx, many users can obtain a large number of high-quality content through will be able to pay a small fee. Mexico court this month issued a ban, ban local retailers to stop the purchase or sales of Roku media player. Mexico media giant Televisa holdings cable operator Cablevision initially launched a lawsuit, the court in Mexico last month was proposed temporary Roku ban, but now the court will this command into a formal ban.

study conducted a detailed index of innovation and business development for a large number of technology companies in Silicon Valley and California. The researchers point out that they want to differentiate between the average Silicon Valley companies and the technology companies that actually create jobs and bring about economic growth through an indicator system.


Abstract American scholars have made a detailed quantitative analysis of the development of Silicon Valley technology company, and obtained some interesting findings.

also, companies with registered trademarks are five times more likely to succeed than companies that do not own registered trademarks.

name, the more successful the subsequent development; and the company name is not more successful than the company under the personal name of the founder. In addition, the official registration of joint-stock companies, the probability of success is non joint-stock companies six times.

study also found another surprising phenomenon, the lower quality of innovation and entrepreneurship in the surrounding areas of universities and research institutes, including University of California at Los Angeles and the California Institute of Technology. Stern said: "this is a very fresh discovery."." Chen Xi

through the index of research, they draw a map, which can see the "real entrepreneurial spirit" of Silicon Valley in the end is how to form, and geographical "Silicon Valley" is different. the deeper the color, the higher the level of innovation

Roku offers paid advertising options to partners and divides advertising revenue with media companies that publish applications on the platform. In addition, Roku also put the software license to SHARP, Hitachi and other companies, allowing them in the production of a TV set with Roku streaming media application. < >

map display, entrepreneurship and innovation high quality areas including San Francisco Bay Area South East from shlf1314 to Millbrae and Burlingame, and the San Francisco area in the vicinity of MarketStreet, and Berkeley LawrenceLivermore, near the laboratory etc..


Tencent Technology – Roku, the veteran streaming set-top box maker, has hired an investment bank to prepare its initial public offerings IPO at the end of this year, foreign sources reported Thursday. It is reported that Roku’s goal is to value more than $1 billion at the time of listing.

Roku said in February that the company had revenues of $400 million last year, of which $100 million came from the media and licensing division. Compared with competitors’ products, Roku platform is open to more TV applications, such as Amazon, Prime, Video, Hulu and shlf1314 Play. Unlike Roku’s approach, Apple TV has only recently announced its support for Amazon Prime Video.

also found interesting phenomena in the study of large technology companies. For example:


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