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Hacking skills Hi Remember the happy bee net that was sold on Valentine’s day

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earlier, media reports, Le bee net sales scale in 2012 reached 1 billion 900 million yuan. Taking into account the possible proportion of moisture, but in general, you can determine the overall size of Le bee network in the one billion yuan to two billion yuan level. Moreover, compared to historical data, Le bee net performance of the past six months seems to have no increase, anti drop trend.

Le bee network with jumei was once known as "Bi Bi Bi cosmetics website", the former boss and boss of the two sites are also well-known fashion figures. However, since February 14th this year, Valentine’s day, lefeng selling price of $112 million 500 thousand vip 75% of the shares, the market is weak voice a lot, just to August this year, Lasafo 6th anniversary promotions only burst again a voice. After a lapse of six months, has led the people’s fashion bee network is good,

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but, like vip, jumei’s two quarter net profit also fell by 7%. Visible, vip Le bee nets and jumei in the price competition is still very intense.

orders in terms of quantity, jumei and Le bee network opened a greater distance. Total orders for the two quarter of this year were up 39.2% from the same period last year, to about 11 million copies in. The data is 2 million times the number of orders from Le bee network 5.5 times.

looking back on the old rival jumei, the performance growth in the past six months is very fast. The latest 2014 two quarter earnings also showed that jumei’s total net turnover of $289 million 400 thousand about 1 billion 777 million yuan. This is about 5.22 times as much as 340 million yuan for Le bee net. In addition, jumei’s net profit for the second quarter was $15 million 400 thousand.

from the sale to vip this six months to see, Le bee net performance and no significant improvement and promotion, not only sales scale not go on, and is still in a sustained loss. Vip reported a fall in its net profit for the two quarter of 2014. According to vip CFO Yang Donghao revealed that the chain profit decline is affected by Le bee network, the current bee network is still in the loss.


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sales growth slow, sustained loss of

vip, in its two quarter earnings report just released in 2014, did not mention much of the business figures for the acquisition of Le bee networks. However, according to vip chairman Shen Ya revealed that Le bee net in the two quarter of 2014 to vip earnings data contributed 2 million orders. Then, according to le bee network average price of about 170 yuan, you can measure Le bee net total trading amount this quarter GMV, about 340 million yuan. Simple multiplied by 4, about the total annual turnover of about 1 billion 360 million yuan, taking into account the magnitude of change, roughly the total amount of transactions in the year between 1 billion 200 million yuan -15 billion.


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