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Talk about my first experience of being cheatedLinkedn founder Hoffman founder of the second line w



sometimes, when you think about it, it’s so nice to be young, what you want to do, what you think of yourself now, you have a lot of ideas and very little, but it’s a big price.

is a little impetuous, lacking patience and experience.

When the founder of

recently, the emergence of a new trend, many founders in the position of CEO has achieved remarkable achievements, such as Amazon’s Geoff · Bezos Jeff Bezos, Apple’s Steve · Jobs Steve Jobs and the oracle of Larry & middot; Allison Larry Ellison.

American professional social networking site LinkedIn founder red · Hoffman Reif Hoffman yesterday with their own personal experience, how to select CEO enterprise founder made a detailed presentation. He believes that if the founder can early realize that he is not suitable for long-term CEO, should choose the right person as soon as possible, to avoid the transition into a passive.

2, processing soccer

later, I read in the newspaper that there was a processing soccer, a cost of 10 yuan, and also in our Xuzhou.

1, part-time

I remember seeing a processing battery. I’ll call and ask. There was no cell phone, and I had to go to the public phone. After the call, the boss told me that the place was bad and don’t believe it.

eight years ago, he is still a more than 20 year old boy, fearless, fearless, a body of bravery, what dare to do, what all want to do.

I was in Lianyungang, Sinpo, when I see the newspaper has a lot of business to join the project, some processing beads, some processing is lighter, battery and so on, a lot of.

at that time, I liked reading newspapers, looking for jobs in the newspaper and looking for projects for starting a business.

I haven’t worked for many years, and I don’t know how much a month’s salary is now. But I don’t think I’ll be less than two thousand or three thousand yuan for a month. Who will do it again,

after six months, it was almost Spring Festival, and I resigned, ready to go home


wants to retire and focus on development strategies instead of thinking about wages and timetables all day. So he hired David · David, Nye. It was a perfect grey haired CEO with excellent skills for basic work.

at that time I worked in Lianyungang for half a year, work in the morning, afternoon stall, half a year deposit of about 1700 yuan.

Hoffman gave some advice on his own experience.

was relegated to the second line was a difficult question to answer. Generally speaking, the founder will give way to more professional managers, shlf1314, YAHOO and CISCO are with no exception whatsoever.

Hoffman love early start feeling very much: "the team is small, but in the development of new products, hope that through innovation beyond the old giant big with pride…… The experience is not only fresh, exciting, but also focused on what most of the founders love best – especially the tech companies: solving interesting problems, developing new technologies, and developing unique strategies."

this money earn more and more bad, easy to find work, even if there is also work to earn enough to spend, because now the life level, income must also improve can. Many people want to start a business now, but they don’t know what to do,

I haven’t called that since then. The boss is old and a little experienced. I believe too.

succeeds and enters the growth stage, it must be equally enthusiastic about business processes and management inputs. But Hoffman didn’t do that.


think before, really difficult, and now a week on the previous six months to earn money for work, paid so much, wasted so much time, return less pity.

because of the low wages, he did not want to what degree, mix well, my only out is to do business, when I began to learn how to do business, like that, this is only minor.

, but it didn’t work. The product cycle is too short to distinguish between organizations, strategies, and products. If you wait for someone else to realize your vision, it’s too late, even if this person is excellent.

, "he said," we had only a few people at first. They all worked together in my living room, and later developed into dozens of people, and there was a special office. But at this point, I found that CEO’s work has changed. Once more than 50 employees, CEO needs to increase its focus on processes and organizations, but I wasn’t keen on it. For example, I do not have regular meetings every week. I can do it, but I’ll be reluctant and without passion."

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LinkedIn founder red · Hoffman

was very low wages at that time, the waiter only 600 yuan a month plus commission, a month is almost 1000; in a rubber factory, wages only 700 yuan, tired of living. In the three star hotel when the waiter, wages only 1000 yuan, the customer service department only 1000 yuan a month; in the baby stroller assembly baby stroller only 500 yuan a month.


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