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Everyone Taobao era want to join Taobao customers please think twiceWhat are the ways to make money

many people of high moral standards is not by the psychological petty people make money, released every kind of information on the Internet, but we think that it can provide free information to earn money? If they can earn money, why not do it yourself, and give you a lot of things if? Half do not know if you jump out, stand in someone else’s point of view to think about it, if you have a long-term, stable, profitable projects, you will be free and I think, submissively? You have the answer to

era has arrived!

I advise those who are prepared to join the Taobao customer in the ranks of novice webmaster friends, forum posting promotion time is over, if you do not have such a good SEO, then you’d better not do Taobao, Taobao now guest site like , small game site, the competition is very fierce, is already saturated. A short period of time has been difficult to make their own site to a good position, because the row to the good location of the Taobao site webmaster, has had several years of experience of the site, has a wealth of experience, to surpass their


I believe to see this activity, a lot of friends must be eager for a fight to join, but I give these friends a reminder, please think twice.

Ali mother the launch of the Taobao dedecms Zhuanban guest website, and free space so that more people will have their own Taobao guest website, Taobao makes customers to further reduce the threshold. Even if it is not at all based web design, a never construction site, also can not spend a penny can easily have their own Taobao guest website, even can get additional rewards through the promotion of Taobao products, it Why not?

network really can make money? The answer is certainly yes, but the money is always a small number of people, this small part of people how to make money,

to tell you the truth, look at the weekly income of the billboard strongman Ali mother community home, it is refreshing ah, I was also so did Taobao customers. Some people may question whether this is true. It’s true. They really make a lot of money. It is because of their cattle, I analyzed a monthly income of 30 thousand, long among the top three of the billboard Taobao customer revenue expert website, his website more and Taobao relevant keywords are ranked in the top three of sh419, a conservative estimate of IP should be more than 50000. I think a SEO technology so excellent webmaster, even if do not do Taobao guest, and do other web site, so his income should not differ much?.

so I want to Wangzhuan to realize, is identifying true and false information. The sky will not fall, free is the most expensive! So please remember this sentence, this is the network survival of the truth, no matter on the virtual world of Internet, even if it is a reality, you and others if you neither relative nor friend to others, cannot benefit others why you help you? Right, so we should have a positive attitude, not fantasy flourishes, where success is in need of long-term accumulation. Don’t have the advantage of psychology, it will suffer a great deal.

2., they have a keen sense of smell, seize the market opportunities.

both are indispensable, and if you don’t have the means and the thinking, you’ll never be a part of that person.

so you don’t look as long as you every day typing, send post, these students can easily finish things to get high income, knowledge, ability, thinking is always in the front row of the technology of the

1., they have money making patterns and thinking.


second, do not make any illusions, whether it is network, or reality, if you can not capture the market opportunities, then the input and output is always proportional.

easier said than done?

there is no permanent money making project, only the thinking that always makes money. On the Internet, in particular, you saw a person’s project making money yesterday, but you don’t have to do it today. Why? Because the market is not static, especially in the Internet market, the supply and demand are changing frequently. You have to consider

third, I’d like to talk about what kind of project can be done on the internet.

a word is very fire is higher, why? Because there are some on the Internet to make money, a lot of people know that they have the money, and more people every day in the sh419 search network method, network of part-time and so on.

!The first

I was naive, I also thought that as long as they have their own Taobao guest website, improve traffic, there will be income. But now that a few months have passed, I have been a failure to be a Taobao. A Taobao navigation station I Taobao 17 Street, a month is so poor a few single, the rate of commission and relatively low income of a month has not yet own a small game station at the weekend day shlf1314 advertising revenue, and it also has a great flow >


recently, Ali mother to encourage everyone to do Taobao customers, launched 500 thousand gold medal owners activities, as well as free space and promotional space and other activities, and release dedecms Taobao customer cooperation website. By Ali mother of this activity is not difficult to see, now Ali mother to encourage everyone to do Taobao off this momentum is increasingly fierce, then linked to the end of last month, Chong PV than the transaction, cash envelopes sent every day activities, and the slogan of Taobao! Everyone off, we can draw the conclusion that the Taobao the guest of the

and those cheap, it is the use of small, cheap psychology to cheat, and if everyone can do my above mentality, then those crooks will naturally go around you.


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