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8 million fans of Amy and 500 years ago Martin Ruud triggered the content of entrepreneurship think


it is not found the credibility of 4 drill drill 5 even crown, monthly sales of over a hundred sets of agents have no problem here?. This is not who Ling Bo deliberately slandered, but in fact, I am one of the victims. Ling Bo was once in the middle of a month

in the past year, I have been frequently asked how to look at content entrepreneurship in a variety of speech occasions. I think the most important thing is to answer the two questions from the macro logic first, why the content entrepreneurship, and why it happened today,


2010 is the first year of virtual fast charge of the industry, this year like bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged in a number of fast charging software, easy to match, the fifth generation of rack, etc. at the same time, the Internet is the emergence of a large number of fast charging by engaging in virtual industry talents to build up the family fortunes. They make the speed staggering, during a year or half a year, the monthly income of over 10000, or even one hundred thousand of the minority. However, it is undeniable that the number of practitioners in the fast charging industry is based on the number of tens of thousands of people. After all, the success is the minority, and most people are still in the early stage of development, even struggling to give up the edge.

printing and papermaking spread from sheepskin to paper, steep media cost down to 1% Note 2, be able to bear the cost of content producers and receivers gradually expanded to the University from the monastery and local lords. 200 years ago, the advent of steam presses reduced costs to at least 20% Note 3 for the first time to reduce the cost of content production, dissemination and consumption to a generally acceptable level. This is the basis of what we know about the emergence of the last wave of modern media industry.

Li Feng column second, we talk about content entrepreneurship.



, I try to answer these questions, but I’d like to hear what you think.


In this column

then, does the user spend more time on content? Are users more willing to pay for content? In other words, how do content entrepreneurs make money?

looking for the right guy,

text, sound, pictures, video, live broadcast…… In recent years, the content of production in full swing, the "new" content explosion, so that the content of several orders of magnitude more than before.

means finding a competent, responsible home agent. Some people buy cheap, cheap software, typical and such agents is often irresponsible, don’t expect he will teach you what useful things, even their performance is to rely on low-cost sales to do it, he can teach you I am afraid it is only low sales; what is more, some the agent in order to lure newcomers at overpromised again and again, each of the offerings, "you buy me here, a month to do 1500, pack your refund" and so on, if you like him, it is trivial I see no such refund, a problem can be good for you now.

editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public number "peak Swiss capital" micro signal: freesvc, authorized 36 krypton release, reprint please contact the author.

welcome to share your views at the end of the text, and all readers who have been answered and accepted will be invited to participate in the closed discussion on content entrepreneurship after the year.

why the blog era and the micro-blog era do not have today’s bustling "content entrepreneurship"

in 1074, a priest in Bavaria carried a sheepskin roll and went out and returned to a vineyard. You may ask the parchment and how so valuable? You know a sheep’s skin can make a parchment book page 12.5 Note 1, a "Xinhua Dictionary" do you have to kill a whole hillside cattle.

, why is this wave of "content entrepreneurship" happening today? Why didn’t it happen in the blog era and the micro-blog era?

on the surface, it seems the problem is obvious, most people have made contact, the virtual industry earlier, take the initiative; some is the operation of capital adequacy, continuously paid promotion to drop out of money; some network promotion experience, engaged in the promotion of industry ten years.

yes, there are a few things that are said to exist, but think carefully, are these the key factors for success or failure? Ling Bo’s monthly disapproval. As we all know, the fast charge industry on the surface is prepaid business, but the intense competition in the market today, recharge profit is very thin, can produce rapid profit is the promotion of fast charging software itself, so there is no doubt that the subordinate agent agent software is also on the promotion of software in order to make money, this becomes a copy of the model, only the agent taught below agent how to promote, subordinate agents can profit and development of course, does not exclude individual ability particularly strong we look again several conditions of the above, no one can be copied. If this is a special condition of talent can be made fast charge industry, that virtual fast charging industry can not be developed in just 1 years to more than ten thousand agents such a scale.


20 years ago, the emergence of the Internet, the first to make content digital, making today, whether it is a variety of WeChat public number, today’s headlines, or "get", the cost of the channel is basically 0. The evolution to today, we are in the era of mobile Internet, mobile phone using this medium, and multiple dimensions of audience by tagging location, social relationships, real time online, once again achieved a revolutionary improvement efficiency.

Ling Bo month thought, want to make virtual fast charge industry to succeed, congenital condition is need, but not by necessity, the real necessary conditions are two: first, you want to find the right person; second, you have to do the right thing.


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