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Bitter forced three new board enterprises will be more than one Because the 832 poor counties have

2, registered in poor areas, the latest year to pay income tax of not less than 20 million yuan, promised to be listed within three years without changing the registration.

When the

file was out of everyone would not pay, yesterday when Lankao County paper Fujie suddenly realized the seriousness of the problem: by 2020, all counties have fled, then in 2017 the relocation of poor counties to listed company do not walk without "reported that trial of the

heard that Taobao set up shop is good, online start-ups paradise, investment is not much, so began to test the water, anyway, do not how much money invested. Sell what, listen to a friend said do not understand the online selling calls is good, do not need to inventory, do not need logistics, but need to buy a prepaid recharge software, this software will be 300 yuan, did not understand to bargain, now know as long as a few dollars can buy up. Kui. Buy after selling software people under the guidance of assistant for uploading the data package, release of goods, recharge to a lot of people, but do not earn money, one can only earn a little money, but found that this software can sell, and sell a up to 400 of the Commission, only to find the original money let the people selling software to earn their own income, and they contributed a sum, since they can sell the software you want, I can. As a result, while selling telephone calls and selling software, the charges are many people, the credibility of a very short period of time rose to a drill, I am very pleased. Software but no one to buy, and make friends with a Taobao account to buy some recharge software in my shop, let the sales record breaking 0 embarrassment, it later, there were some real buyers found I sell calls good, also want to buy the software, a month has sold 2, not easy ah. Earn the money to buy the recharge software.


file with some sort of under the Commission, Fujie issued by the State Council in 2016, you know.

that is, an enterprise that meets one of the following conditions may call the trial:

it is worth noting that the impoverished county is not a one-time pick up the hat, but orderly hat". If the implementation of the 832 poor counties in 2020 all Zhaimao tasks in phases, then to 2019, at least half of the poverty-stricken counties have zhaimao.

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Lankao County News, just relocated to the listed company aojite send headlines.

his answer is, "St poor county after getting rid of poverty can continue,"

then discovered what he was interested in: doing a website, using SEO to increase traffic, and then making money from an advertising alliance. Then in accordance with the above tutorial, starting from the selected domain, to choose to buy the host space station program, to improve the website content, website SEO optimization, advertising, and then build another new station, repeat the above process, really spent a lot of time, but also learned a lot of knowledge wangzhuan.

read the tutorial at that time, Wang Tong’s tutorial, Wang >

time back in 2016 September, the Commission issued the poverty alleviation assault document. It was mentioned that "the registration and the main production and operation of land in poor areas and carry out the production and operation for three years, the payment of income tax over three years of business, or registered in poor areas, poor areas in recent years to pay income tax of not less than not to change the registered enterprises 20 million yuan and after the listing of three commitments during the year, applying for IPO, apply" reported that the trial, that is "policy."

From the impoverished county of Zhaimao

but the problem, after the beginning of December, the State Council issued the "13th Five-Year" poverty alleviation plan ", the next five years to win the national poverty battle plan" to ensure that in 2020, the current standard under the participatory poverty population out of poverty, do not worry about food, do not worry about clothes, have guarantee of compulsory education, basic medical care and housing security, 128 thousand participatory poverty village ordered 832 poor counties hat, all hat."

1, registered and operating in the poverty-stricken areas for 3 years, and pay taxes for 3 years;

say so? Take a look at the poverty alleviation Bureau of the general office of the Commission last October at a training meeting on the resolution of the poverty alleviation assault document issued in September. On the first question the answer is, "the continuity of the poor county is whether Zhaimao influence policy?", this is our greatest concern.

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?Why does

for a moment, the circle of friends fried the pot. The crowd I bring you more to think about is for some time ago relocation of poor counties go forward with great strength and vigour of enterprises, poor counties can enjoy their Zhaimao, poverty alleviation Easy Access? Now the relocation is not too late? How much risk?



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