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Original article is not blog network marketing all

original articles on a website or blog, is very important, and the major search engines have paid attention to original content, but the original content does not represent the flow, this article related narrative is also very much, here no longer repeat. Remember the sunflower this sentence is true: if you want to have success from the palace, if has not succeeded from the palace.

red blog according to its own practice and experience and analysis of many sites, from another angle to explore the original content of the website SEO optimization dialectical relationship. SEO although there are a lot of factors, but for grassroots webmaster, two of them are the most important, at least for now is the most important: originality + drainage.


original, not necessarily traffic,

, including Baidu, search engine optimization guide has made it clear that originality is important, but does not mean there is a ranking. Specific reasons are not explained. Red blog that a new site is not Baidu’s attention, therefore, we often say that the weight of Baidu is not, even if you have a lot of the original article, this is not necessarily a good flow. On the contrary, if it is a relatively high weight site, published on the original article, it is estimated that there will soon be ranked, thus leading to traffic, this point I want to have all the webmaster experience. Pure originality, too isolated, first of all need someone to cheer, only by Baidu attention.

has drainage, no originality, no permanent

before I did the event marketing, or the chain space drainage, drainage, one or two days or a short event, will bring some outside traffic, but if there is no high quality articles, but the original copy and paste, or very bad, can’t improve the site weight and ranking. This can only continue drainage, hard work. Unless you have huge amounts of data and are not K stations, it will be hard to maintain the amount of visitors that will continue. Only hard call, there is no exciting program to watch, and soon everyone dispersed, this point, Baidu will understand more.

the high quality of the original and drainage of the dialectical relationship

high quality original content grassroots station, start is not what the weight and ranking, but through some promotion methods such as drainage, in some website platform events such as drainage, by mail or space drainage, including drainage and other comments. Because it is valuable to the Internet users of high quality original content, the drainage of the user, there will naturally be part of the formation of repeat customers. For some time, Baidu will naturally give a certain attention, and Baidu rankings to bring traffic, but also to promote the site’s repeat accumulation, this is a virtuous circle. Red blog, that is, through this way, the red blog this keyword to achieve the first page of the top 1, 2 ranking, just spent more than 20 days.


, look at the example of the pine web site, >


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