My website needs more stinky eggs

open the Internet, I often confused, and many sites, I do not know which one. Like a million roads ahead, where should I go,


, SOHU, QQ, or want to these old faces. Sometimes you put HAO123 in the home also imagine the help I call it a result of a pile of navigation, web site, always can not afford to hook me to click their desire, is my good taste? It is not, I also eat turnip cabbage, it is not picky, that ye not move your hand to open the strings behind many secret words? These two days is always the problem want to break the head, I was too lazy, or stuff does not meet my appetite? When it comes to the Internet, I have more than ten years of age, nine years of the MODEM era. Just get some new excitement. That is not to, now all the fun of worms. Oh, yes, think of this, I suddenly understand, this is rare, now. Much cheaper than the Chinese cabbage, of course bookstalls, looked at the faces a similar plot of the same news website, no wonder that often are sometimes reluctant to use lazy hands. Hey, this site, so much effort built, no one watching, depressed bar. Here suddenly feel Ali’s father is really a wise man, let mom take off the apron, out of the kitchen door, put up the stalls for the sale of advertising out, both sides are happy, the income is really high, the future might mother will organize several web site fairs, some like tickets ready the talent market in Guangzhou, you will find a few stars out of a 5 million lottery website, perhaps to see the website to send the beauty activities, than the big supermarket sales is also lively, ha ha, a large number of sites to hold front, chest hanging on each site, "I am Chinese XX more is the second largest in the world, next to many more excited cheers, all the Olympic passion are out of the scene as the first game of the year CCTV" the same song ", ah, the network nerve is adjustable Move up, every small webmaster are excited, and that flow like water came. Originally, the lack of sense of the Internet market is a bit excited, lack is to show their elegant demeanor stage, that is the lack of a burning passion of the flame, so I always hide in the lonely website that didn’t notice the small corner. So I put one thousand if a combination of a rest, if, if we are together, formed a website alliance, a network evaluation center, a standard website evaluation system, so we are not lonely, because of it, we will continue to see their own shortcomings, we will continue to progress, it will continue to go beyond yesterday, our website will build better, more meaningful, more features, because we have a mirror, you can see your success and shortcomings of every day. LINux’s success lies in its progress from the tens of thousands of organizations of amateur computer enthusiasts, it is their continuous efforts to create the present glory.



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