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How to become bigger and stronger in local communities on the success factors of Tianya


local communities become bigger and stronger — a brief account of the success factors of Tianya is founded in March 1, 1999 and was named as "the most humane community in China" by the end of the year". The division of the newly established small column, only the stock forum, Tianya Zatan, computer technology, the emotional world, Yi Wen notes (later renamed wuwennongmo), the news, sports, focusing on a teahouse (renamed leisure Books), tourism and leisure, Hainan development, mutual aid and other basic Tianya forum. A small local website, how within a year of gains of the large number of users of the heart, and how to become the world’s most influential Chinese community in twenty years? Specific feature set, section arrangement, team operation will not say, and from the background, idea, talent, topic four about the horizon why is the success, hope to provide some reference to the local community management.

background (timing) background: in 1999, only two million and one hundred thousand of domestic users, under the CN domain name registration is less than twenty thousand, WW in five thousand and three hundred on the site, support the Internet computer seven hundred and sixty thousand. China Internet is at the starting stage, "Internet information services management approach" has not yet implemented, the provisions on the management of the Internet began to establish China, national information security testing evaluation and Certification Center (CNISTEC) at the beginning of operation, the initial attempt China enrollment, China Merchants Bank China just carry out online banking services. Small background: the Internet environment is relaxed, the industry competition pressure is small, the quality of Internet users is not so high, and copy, paste, reprint is not very popular. The local forum that starts now obviously does not have this opportunity. Especially in this information explosion era, in the face of zhenjiamobian, homogenization, uneven in quality Internet information seriously, users had to produce visual fatigue, how to attract more visitors in the adverse environment, captured the hearts and minds of users? The variety of information, use of new media, this is a lot of local community managers will adopt the way. Not to eat the first cake, can gather a lot of fresh, interesting and practical materials, gathered strength with the idea of the cake division, do a little of their own cake, then this piece of cake to attract more customers and join the cake division. It is just set up this year’s well-being for the well-being of the region comprehensive services in the community, and the three line of the city, the pressure of competition, market prospects, but the Internet "Netcom world", a wide range of online shopping, the local community only supplements the trap, related to. Such as: real estate, shopping, tourism, information and other aspects, some special website does not involve or deep enough, the local community belongs to the waterside pavilion. It should be noted that the only contact with the market, not the investigation and analysis of the market can not; only close to the information, not actively seek information can not; only know who the target audience is, do not think what they like, what needs more. Internet groups generally have blindness, but individual users are thinking, you can use speculation blind users, but when users really put at the mercy of the fool, you can only fail >


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