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Website design analysis draw line diagram easy to ignore several things


through the observation work and summary, I found a lot of new interaction designers and product, drawing a line in the diagram will ignore some important content, important problems and lead to visual designer communication cost increased, rework increased, decreased work efficiency, design quality. In order to solve these problems, on the one hand, we need to strengthen communication; on the other hand, we need to consider the design of wireframe in the visual angle, so as to make our cooperation more tacit.

so how to do it? Here are some of my work experience, I hope to help you.

one, expressing

by contrastBefore

, I drew wireframe diagrams so that the layout relationships between the module elements could be clearly demonstrated. Then I’ll tell the vision what the priority relationship is between these modules or elements. The trouble is, when the interface elements are very complicated, it is difficult to remember one vision, this time on the need to repeatedly communicate vision in this process is very painful, often is to have a big head but there are still errors.


now, I’ll draw the wireframe:


After adding

to the contrast, the important relationship between the interface elements is more intuitive, and we no longer need to run to the visual: "this is the most important of those N modules, and that’s next."…… Visual efficiency has also been greatly improved.

but it’s important to note that dark colors don’t mean more than light colors, depending on the contrast between the colors. For example, the following picture:


, "all categories of goods" is very important, and the light color used on the dark blocks is to highlight it and make it easier to notice. But visual designers may mistake that light represents less important, and this must be communicated well in advance.

before modification:




two, do not use screenshots and colors

many product personnel in order to be able to more clearly express ideas, and put together a variety of competing products screenshot, to form a page. This way is not standard, and secondly, visual designers also have some interference. In addition, it is not advisable to use color on the online block diagram, which can also cause unnecessary interference to visual designers. If there is really some idea about the design, you can tell the visual designer what kind of atmosphere and what effect should be achieved instead of


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