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[original]dede website modify template path tutorial refused to stencil leak stolen

I believe we used Dede website there are many, many times we are directly copied a templetsdefault folder name to modify the template to change out the path, but if you do the template, often a lot of local

is not considerate because not all functions are available. Access to functions that do not exist, and sometimes expose the true path of the template.

1, batch modify template file


method uses batch modification tools. For example, your template directory is templetsxahot.net, then you need to batch replace {dede:global.cfg_templets_skin/} and $cfg_templets_skin; > for /templets/default or other security paths. PS, batch modify tools, there are many online, I use the Qingyun server that is easy to use (not AD)

2, the template into the database

uses Dede’s own custom tag feature to prevent templates from being downloaded. Is simply the real template in the database, the HTML template is just a shell with no content.

specific steps: into the Dede background, create a new custom tag, the tag name is xahot. As for the content, you can copy all the contents of the template file. Then the template content empty, write custom markup code {dede:mytag ismake=’yes’/} well, now even if the template is downloaded, the leakage is the custom tag.

3 uses the pseudo static (URL Rewrite) function of the web site to reset the link

A, the server supports the.Htaccess (Linux) file, builds a.Htaccess in the root directory, and modifies it by the following method,

, for example, my template file is placed in the directory /templest/xahot.net/,

now I want to set a rule that displays the contents of the home page as long as you access any file in the template directory.

change the.Htaccess file:

RewriteEngine On

RewriteBase /

ErrorDocument 404 /

RewriteRule templest/xa /

pay attention to the last rule, which means that as long as the access address contains "templets/xa", it will appear


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