Fanchon let your prices can not flow

further increase the site traffic IP, the site every day to update, included, how to say these become traffic,


can have the very method on the Internet, here I say, fanchon collection. Website with good words, every day for their own web site to bring good traffic, and practical is relatively strong.

updates his website every day. Conveniently, the above information on the website, first-hand information to a large collection site, at the same time, you can bring good traffic.

Now the

network, basically in the right click on the above can be directly, this method can easily save yourself a lot of time. At the same time, also can quickly and conveniently reprinted content to the network, share with others.

Here are a few

can be directly used by the network. I hope you like it.

receive guest feeds:

Le Yue:


one pick:



BD collection:

YAHOO collection:

and dispatch:

now basically, at the same time, they are also using these. Quantity does not need much, as long as a few of their own useful on it. This will be more able to improve their website traffic, but also allows the collection of Web sites, faster information will be included in your.

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