Meet again Shandong SEO team interview

in a driving school friend of a busy week of network maintenance, simple operation of the software, and those of the poor coaches and students in completely escape from the space station. Although the salary is good, but also people tend to feel in such a comfortable life to indulge themselves, their do stand level will drop behind. Yesterday, resolutely refused to drive the leadership of the stay, and then back to Ji’nan, to fulfill a commitment to meet with the Shandong SEO team Bai Bing.

afternoon in Ji’nan, with some clouds, the breeze, comfortable along the moat way to enjoy the scenery with springs, a 609 – win in the Century Towers to. He’s in the writing room. Looks a lot younger, cheerful and optimistic personality, Shandong SEO team is full of harmony and happiness.

rather than go to the SEO team in Shandong for an interview, it is better to have the chance to go to the Shandong SEO team and listen to a meaningful course. Chatted for about half an hour, after 80’s little party, young mentality is very frank, conversation, Bai Bing big brother has a few words let me think a lot.

1, the company is not very big, nor is it very good. I can see that there is a big gap between the Baidu sales center I went to some time ago, but this is not important. Recognize yourself in order to better progress, remember, Ma said the teacher, if their company only two people, on their business cards to write a lower position, so that you can win respect. At least a person’s sincerity can win respect!


2, need talent, happy work. In the absence of official black school environment, the happy life of Carnegie. A real company will not constrain the ability of talent to play, the size of the stage by the leadership of the mind to decide, and play the value of everyone in the team, in order to better reflect the value of the team.

3, young, more experience, and start business together. In this everyone began to win in the Chinese era, really have the entrepreneurial qualities of people almost have been "flies" disrupted the original environment, only those who walk together as in the past in distress, is my most intimate friend. The role of the team is never going well, and the worst is the team’s core positioning criteria.

finally, in the time to leave, Bai Bing commented on the daxue163 website: do Webmaster Station is not so easy, you can do some articles in 51, on campus. Guidance is always in the simplest place. Not to say thank you, but I wish the SEO team in Shandong experienced a hard struggle after the process of cohesion. Count, Shandong SEO team is only two or three years old, maintain a young mentality and sincere attitude, adhere to the struggle, will certainly be able to break through. Hope that such a team experienced more hardships, hope that such a team more failures, and I hope that I have the opportunity to and the team has a more pleasant progress together.


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