t’s not easy to be a novel station

see some friends to make a novel station, I have a heart, because recently been reading novels, feeling novel traffic is very large, so I also started in May in a novel energy-saving http://s.www.bokan.cc


program is Jackie, a server shut off for 24 hours a day by a collector, alas, more afraid, or novels stand easy.

I am now and Baidu consumption time, see when it included more pages, anyway, the server is shared with several friends, / month / person /150 yuan, the price is OK, when the investment fiction station to play.

as a novel station, update speed, I still follow up. At present, the collector collected three stations, which three will not be picked up.

did not intend to put ads in the early days, so as to attract users. Even if the late flow, I will not put more advertising. The page is neat, I feel very important, now the novel stands the window advertisement everywhere, I see other people’s novel station, I all look afraid. I stand PV super high. 100IP/ days, PV has about 2000-3000.

the following points are the main sources of our current traffic volume:

1. propaganda flow is to the BBS information dissemination, this is not my full-time webmaster, so there is not much time to publicity little, so rely on this flow to basically equal to zero.

2. search traffic depressed, the site from May to now, Baidu also just included a page, but fortunately, on this page, one day, there are more than 100 IP from search. (now I hope to include more than a few pages, to some people propaganda, I feel I can still stand to retain people, because there are often old visiting, I have confidence)

3. link traffic is a lot of exchange of links, a day by now I can also be at least 20 or so.

4. blog outside the chain flow, this flow is basically less poor, one day is only 5-6.

5. other traffic, this traffic is negligible, nothing at all.

last hope do novel sites, in the post to do stand experience for the novel. It’s really not easy.


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