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Promotion of small and medium sized enterprises website and network camp sales experience

          when it comes to the development of enterprise websites, business owners feel a lot of emotion. Especially small and medium enterprises of enterprise website increasingly disappointed: " thought huataijiaqian, then there will be snow on the enterprise website orders, did not think the enterprise website does not bring business, but has accumulated a variety of increasingly high cost and a lot of annoying spam! " corporate website is the enterprise; the main as chicken ribs, tasteless gesture.

excessive pursuit of flashy, casually open a corporate website, blowing on the face of up to 30 seconds of animated advertising, testing the popularity of broadband in the area where visitors. Many business owners believe that the website is the enterprise personalized display stage, so I hope to do a magnificent home. But users visit the enterprise web site to view enterprise information and seek business opportunities. Put on a no commercial significance in web advertisement animation, in 0.1 seconds will be closed to visitors, even if the site contains a very high gold content of the information is in vain. Many enterprise websites drive out potential customers in the so-called " beautiful " home page.

causes this kind of phenomenon deeper reason comes from the station company, they in order to obtain the short-term benefit, blindly meets the customer the surface demand, excessively pursues the sensory stimulation. And most of the business owners for the network marketing and the lack of in-depth understanding, over time, resulting in enterprise websites more and more flashy, visitors do not want to visit the situation.

information folding, trouble finding,

usually, enterprise website will set up a " profile; " " ", " dynamic enterprises; products and services, " " " contact us; so many different channels, then this is not enough full enterprise information assigned to these isolated channels in. Clicking on one of the channels reveals that there are only a few lines or a few pictures left in each channel. To some extent, the corporate website is equivalent to the " of the enterprise; the resume " and the visitor is the demanding HR supervisor. Imagine a supervisor to read your more than 20 page resume, but each page is only 10 words, will react to the enterprise website?, each potential customers are exposed to daily business information may be as many as hundreds, if in your business site, not a minute let him find the need the information is likely to turn off the page. As a result, the potential customers who spend a lot of promotion fees quietly leave the corporate Web pages.

lacks interaction and is unable to communicate with

many websites claim to have interactive functions. Two years ago, I tried to leave a message to several enterprise websites, but I haven’t received their reply yet. I don’t know


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