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Yanjiao life circle; local life gateway; profit sharing


, I worked with 163K for 2 months, and now I have recovered about 10 thousand yuan of investment and realized the profit. Expected in November net profit of 10 thousand yuan.

first, the status of the city portal area introduced

1. Yanjiao is a 30 minute drive from the Beijing CBD car place, is a small town, belonging to the Hebei Langfang, but the distance is so close to Beijing, Tiananmen is 37 kilometers, so more than a few counties in Beijing from the Tiananmen near it, 1/2 of the population living here is the white-collar work in Beijing. So the residents of the Internet rate is very high, these people buy a house here, here to buy Building Materials Building Materials City, looking for the decoration decoration company, to the supermarket shopping, here in the hotel restaurant invite friends to dinner, shopping malls in here…… Here, the boss and buy a lot of CEO our 163K program home area almost 60%, has a computer, put in the store, 50% have access to the Internet, mostly just bought, or just for the broadband, 50% can only print type, not the Internet, they are QQ, but many are not even the QQ album pass.

2. Yanjiao netwall, Jingdong hotline are local well-known portal website, ranking basic within 10 thousand, for more than 4 years. So I am still full of challenges to do this Yanjiao life circle again.

two, webmaster heroes background

graduated from the Department of computer science of Liaoning University of Chemical Technology in 1999. He was called Fushun Petroleum Institute at that time. 4 years of studying computer, basic school English level 6, neither the computer program, did not understand the hardware installation, the database is to understand some of what the SQL statement, but not the SQL language programming operation.

came to Beijing in 1999, the 2 and a half years of training, there will be five strokes will be able to find a job in Beijing, then worked in China enterprise network for 2 years, working in the first half of the Alibaba, later work in a well-known Beijing network company for 4 years and 8 months, sales training manager from the training, do business director, deputy general manager of the last 2 years, is responsible for the affairs of company size, company from the initial development of 6-7, to nearly 60 people. During the period, we have rich experience in network marketing, website construction, business negotiation, marketing strategy, staff training, team building and enterprise culture construction.

by the end of 2008 in Yanjiao to buy a house, there are a lot of understanding and awareness of Yanjiao in June 2009, turnover, because it is already 35 years old, so basically impossible to do or which company deputy general manager, try to do something themselves, met 163K advertising in Chinese station webmaster, is 163K powerful, deeply attracted to beautiful atmosphere interface, remember that when there is a month’s time, every few days and asked 163K Yang Hao questions every few days to ask some questions, after 2 months of investigation, comparison, analysis.


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