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Skyline community marches into nternet banking can you play

Abstract recently, some netizens broke the news that the "Tianya community" is seeking to transfer, and exposed its "open transfer instructions". Subsequently, Tianya chairman Xing Ming denied that " was sold; " rumors, and said the plans listed on the new board, to be listed on the gem, and " public transfer " is a step in the listing of three new board.

" Tianya is sold " rumors will be silent for a long time, the Tianya community once again pull back to people’s vision. It is reported that Tianya plan intends to community games, community e-commerce, Internet banking and other business transformation. However, and regardless of the first two directions, only the hottest Internet banking, Tianya can play it?


1, Tianya Internet banking has long been clues

early in March this year, Xing Ming in " 2015 China Internet investment and M & a conference " had said, Tianya also will be on the line " the world of wealth, indicates that the " network; Tianya will enter the Internet in the financial sector.

with the capital market policy adjustment and reform, across the Internet companies listed before the profit requirements, valuation model and other obstacles are eliminated, and Premier Li Keqiang this year on " +" Internet; speech enhanced market confidence. No wonder the skyline community, which originally existed as a stock forum, also has ambitions for Internet banking.

2, skyline still has how many net worth,


three new board can make people overnight, but also allows people a night of extreme poverty. And for the end of the world, landing three new board faces the test, and three new board brings the same opportunities. The financial industry is " the money from the nearest " industry, now want to enter the Internet financial market, no money is absolutely not, so in 16 years after the creation of the world, how much is left for the transformation of

worth it?


exposure of the transfer prospectus content shows that Tianya community’s main source of income is still advertising, and the last two years has been a continuous loss. And after a year, the world’s net assets from 2013’s 29 million 65 thousand and 500 yuan fell sharply to 4 million 947 thousand yuan in 2014, net assets per share of 0.05 yuan, less than 1 yuan per par value.

for loss, Tianya said: ", the main Department of the company is in the business transformation and investment period, the company continued R & D investment and business layout formation. " at the same time, Xing Ming says, advertising revenue has reached a ceiling. As data shows, today’s skyline is " the " without money; why is there a lot of banking and insurance in the Internet?


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