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Zhu Zerong how does an original content website burn

, who led a friend who specializes in Photoshop, made his website in the last two years, and introduces some actual cases:

1, site positioning

Graphic design is very popular

friend, especially Photoshop, he initially intended to be a dedicated website to build a graphic design website or Photoshop communication, I told him to do the first station, these two areas are not feasible: there are too many similar sites, everyone in the pursuit of large, you must the positioning and locking in one or two very small professional links, so that you have more energy.

therefore, I suggest that when he builds a website, he will first locate in the Photoshop tutorial, and make this piece stable first, and then try to expand to other fields and expand it in a professional way.

Why does

use the Photoshop tutorial as a site location?

1, in the "Photoshop" related search, the search volume is the highest Photoshop download, photoshop8.0, Photoshop tutorial.

2, at that time in the Baidu and GOOGLE search, almost no website positioning several specialized in Photoshop Tutorial, which will be conducive to the site quickly in "Photoshop Tutorial" from a good place, quickly becoming the most professional site.

3, in the Baidu index, "Photoshop tutorial" the word daily search volume every day in 5000, but if you spend a lot of energy to do a large and complete design websites but difficult to quickly reach the search volume is so high, rather than locking "this core keywords Photoshop tutorial article, fine professional website.

two, website promotion plan

in the production site, according to the characteristics of good design, and not blindly advised him to install news program, did not intend to let him increase the number of content for the website, I suggest that he made of pure hand ", the website only made dozens of pages, the website will advance briefly released in succession add content.

promotion plan:

1, it is recommended that he carefully produced a few "Photoshop" tutorial, to the Enet Institute contributions. Because of his high level of Enet reprint volume is very large, he first submitted to the Enet Institute, he received a warm letter from Enet editor, encouraged him to contribute more.

he left his QQ number in the tutorial. With the publication of the original article, Enet’s wide influence made his QQ number a little full. Every day he opened QQ and added his friend. Then, Sohu Institute, China Network and other large sites are reproduced at the fastest speed of his >


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