A thirty personal webmaster Road

thank you for helping me webmaster, let me 30 years old entry-level webmaster full of hope of progress. My writing has not been very good, and writing is very slow. On this precious new year’s Day holiday, I spent a full day talking about my hard line on the Henan oil field. This year, the Henan oilfield network pr from 0 to 3, the forum has some strong support for my friends, the site is not successful, many pages have not done well, during which the site has undergone six revision. But I’ve been working on it.

Hello, everyone. Today is the new year’s Day holiday in 2010, January 3rd. Wake up in the morning, how can not sleep, turn on the computer, and QQ friends inside the webmaster chatted day. Everyone is feeling the hardships of standing, making money is not easy. I think we webmaster is really a pursuit of a group. Every day in mind what is, how to do a good job site, how to make web site more popular, today’s website to what progress, etc.. We are relying on our own efforts to pursue their own dreams!


grew up to mine you struggle in the first line of the webmaster do stand, with a sincere webmaster, say: you have worked hard! I wish you all in this 2010, ahead of


I’m 80 years old, and I’m officially 30 this year. Confucius said, at the thought of this, I have psychological tremble. Because I don’t feel like I’m standing up. In the past ten years, I have not made great achievements, nor have successful websites. Today, on this sunny afternoon, I look up to the sky in 2010. The sky is so blue outside, the clouds are so light, and the road under my feet is so difficult. I think that ten years down the road, but filled with a thousand regrets. The following is a list of my experience in these ten years, and you share, share.

my university was spent in China University of Mining and Technology in Xuzhou. University, the book did not read well, played a lot of ball, is the main force of the hospital team striker. The university plays "legend" every day, carrying broadsword, chopping everywhere. I have bought many equipment and bought a lot of tutorials on legends, which cost me a lot of money. Basically, my knowledge of the Internet started with online games, wasting time and money.

when I was in college, I saw websites in other people’s homes, but my hometown, Henan oilfield, didn’t even have a website. I secretly made up my mind to make a home website. Otherwise, like me in the field to go to school, when introducing their hometown, are embarrassed.

2005 – 2009, I returned home to work in Henan oilfield. Henan oilfield is a subordinate unit of Sinopec oilfield, hundreds of thousands of workers and local residents, constitute a huge city, lying in the Nanyang basin. One year after graduation, I used a mobile system, in the absence of technology, set up a simple oil information port. It is easier said than done now. But just this one


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