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Animation theme station in nternet Era about in the future

since more than 10 years ago in Beijing yinghaiwei erected billboards that piece of white dy road network to open the door — China declared "Chinese is still far away from the information superhighway? 1500 meters north" – Chinese Internet business began to flourish, experienced new immature budding, radiant expansion, this expansion, painful unbearable and revive the heart of new lows…… This is a period for all network workers unforgettable memories, whether it is still standing, or fallen in the middle, all the webmaster is network immortal spirit, is the hero of the existence, as of 2000 Chinese DELL came to the Tsinghua University speech: "new ideas will be successful, although 95% the Internet Co will fail, but if you don’t join them, you will never lose the opportunity, along with the Internet career, annals is all the hard work, for the unremitting struggle, all through the night" you".

animation, which has now been largely regarded as "imported things" term, is also the birth of the Internet related industry topics of exploration and progress. As the core of the ACG industry, animation is from the bottom to surround people’s spiritual life, as a unique form of expression, animation and comics works have always demonstrated a tenacious and powerful vitality. In the great help of the Internet, with the trend of the Chinese also promote the animation produced quite a number of issues, but also opened up a blue ocean.

anime covers on the network a lot of content, in 2004 the global digital content industry output value reached $222 billion 800 million, related games, animation derivative products output value of more than $500 billion, not here a detailed description of the situation and Prospect of animation industry all over the Internet, only to talk about the future of animation theme.

first had to say is greedy, (greedland.com), which is an all age earlier comicfans could not have strange names. A ID technician Guiwen based on their anime hobby and around Manmi to download anime, to complete her own greed, reputation birds technology development was set up after the station, and the rapid accumulation of a large number of loyal and enthusiastic fans, in the animation industry development driven by at the very fast pace of development undoubtedly sit on the Chinese animation website first chair, Alexa ranked 1000 within IP60 million or more, even the house of BT offer 3 million yuan acquisition of greed, a "BT download" layout of the situation. But then, there was a spread throughout the Internet Chinese animation industry turmoil in the mainland so far in greed, greed, Baidu, the Post Bar Sen, can also see the relevant historical records report. In October 19, 2005, the mainland is greedy Senlan company, produced between the Internet as a storm earthquake, greed, Dutch act ID reached tens of thousands, all the layout messed up, and constantly attacked the attack "


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