s your WeChat public platform really ready

since the Tencent Inc launched WeChat in January 21, 2011, it has permeated every aspect of our lives with unprecedented speed and strength. It has greatly enriched the form of our communications. And WeChat public platform for the vast number of businesses to provide a good channel for display and communication. Now from multinational companies and government departments to the corner and small supermarkets have joined WeChat service platform, "sweep sweep me! Me!" this slogan can be seen everywhere, so the WeChat service platform really do? What the problems are?

one, business atmosphere can not be too thick. Since then WeChat platform business by businesses in operation, business information published, nature is the main purpose. Of course, the new listing promotion information can be made, but businesses must grasp the appropriate scale, must not be indiscriminate bombing. Blindly pursue the release of business information quantity results can only be counterproductive, after all, no one would like to see only advertising tv.

two, is the target audience positioning accurate?. Businesses need to carefully analyze their products or services to the target audience, their age, gender, cultural background and so on, after fully understanding the information, select the appropriate information, readers need to be pushed to them. For example, the business is a sports apparel brand agents, the target group is naturally young people, and if the WeChat platform often send some health knowledge, I think most of your readers should be loveless.

three doesn’t let WeChat platform become a one-way street". Many WeChat services platforms offer only one-way information push, which they think is rich in content and comprehensive. But when readers need to communicate with businesses, but not get any response, such a WeChat platform effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, even if the merchant does not have time, 24 hours online at any time to respond to readers’ exchanges, at least should also be given a regular reply, which is also a good opportunity for businesses and readers closer distance. In addition, you can select the appropriate keywords for some typical problems through technical means, and set up the corresponding automatic response function, which can effectively reduce the workload of the business.

four and more interactive activities to attract readers to participate. This is an era of big information explosion, the amount of information that the public is exposed to every day is unimaginable before, so it is very easy for people to be tired and numb to the information in front of them. So, WeChat platform is very necessary to regularly carry out some interactive activities to attract readers to participate, arouse their enthusiasm, let us play together, so as to increase the viscosity of the user, or your WeChat service number will soon be forgotten.

WeChat public service platform everyone is doing, but really do well is not too much, it is a new thing, we are still groping forward, I believe the road ahead will be more broad. The above is some of the author’s humble opinion, inappropriate, please correct me. This article from the Ghost system home http://s.www.52computer.com, respect the author of labor achievements, please reprint the source, thank you.


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