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Dry sharing Taobao u station application presentation and promotion experience a large collection

Taobao u station introduces

with the rapid development of e-commerce, the electricity supplier war intensified, the group purchase network game to the major electricity supplier last year, as the electronic commerce big boss "Taobao" is also doing fine tuning and implementation strategy (platform, finance, data), from changes in the rules, 25 independent division change, small and beautiful, U station to launch Alipay recently split into three business groups, CEO for office…… 2013 e-commerce is entering a high speed stage, whether it is to do the electricity supplier or traditional industries you ready?

Application Center closed in May 10, 2013, the existing application of all the transition to U station, this certainty announced the news, in Taobao caused no small waves, U station, and then attracted more attention. The birth and development of U station caters to the concept of "small and beautiful" put forward by Taobao. Whether you are surprised or angry, whether you accept or reject, this is the trend of the times. Not only is the original Taobao application center, operations management, and the Tmall business, Sina apps, Baidu QQ application, application of technical strength and so on…… or operating power individuals, teams and companies, and even Taobao customers and market businesses, have eyes and energy on U station.

whether you belong to which a class of people, you know U? You start out? Are you ready? I from six aspects to present a brief introduction to the [U] station, hoping to give you a reference to.

essentially, U station is a similar beauty and mogujie.com, a platform Amoy group, the platform will also cause no small impact on the two, its purpose is to provide the same one can jump to the Taobao shop link for users. The content on the small station does not have much to do with Taobao, and Taobao users do not have much to do with, they are made by third parties, these are only an entrance. If we carefully analyze these small station creators, we will find that they are on Taobao, through the provision of goods, discounts and other means to attract customers, and thus to share with businesses. At present, many u stations in the Admin5 transfer price has reached tens of thousands of. The U station, like the web site, is a valuable virtual resource.

"small station" name, and watercress, everyone and other sites the same, but also to share and like, you can see Ali intended to highlight the social Taobao users.

Taobao u station application method

access Taobao open platform for buyers applications. Then authentication, and then registered U station, and then certification, through the opening of the note: need to do their own ICP record

has stopped the normal application, opened the competition application, and after the match, retained top 30.

What are the

and U stations,


profile: for individuals, majors, >


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