nternet start ups a guide to getting started

introduction: tide surging Internet, every day, there are a large number of individual birth myth. For example, 01-04 personal IDC hot, how many friends tell me 100M how much money, and several customers today, this year is expected to tens of thousands of servers, not enough? Assured, plus a hard line, fame has a name change if do, two words: money.

03-05 SMS ringtones and PW, old Ding run to tell me, dude, don’t read out, do it, play well for a month to buy a car.

05-06 Google ADSENSE, I have the honor to play a monthly income of twenty thousand, a few months will be Baidu K station, GG revenue plummeted, and we never do it, do not want to do, tired.

last year and this year, a variety of B2C boom, personal overseas IDC boom. No more details. 0506 years, I was still behind the issue of a post, introduced water injection to Baidu flow method. Money was so good at that time. From Baidu with traffic, hang ADSENSE advertising, is the most common way.

At that time the

or clean collection. Unlike Western Union now. At that time it was so easy to make money, I regretted that I missed many opportunities, especially missing the color ring. Oddly enough, are the waves in the vanguard, I only see their lives improved in the short term, and then gradually disappeared, asked about their recent situation, only shook his head and sighed. Days gone, ah, too many people, no profit. This suit is not only the general webmaster have the habit, but I know a lot of the old owners have, like im286.com fish, 04 years of real estate network while still popular local real estate network information website waxinxi.cn, dig is of course hard as can be imagined.

believes that many of our friends here have experienced similar successes and profits, but unfortunately this kind of profit is often short-lived. The Internet is a profitable, catch a wave, when you catch a chance, a lot of people didn’t realize the accumulation of capital in other people into the upsurge of thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers fell sharply, profit, business increasingly difficult, so we had to complain too much, people do low profits, looking for new projects. Until the next wave of opportunities come hastily wake up, slowly began to study, finally I finally * * *, but this wave of opportunities when knowledgeable, early past, thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers are flocking to this industry, make this industry become unprofitable. The repetition of this history has always been circulating in most stations. Okay。 So a few have passed the stage I’m going to tell you about.

one. Why do you want to be a company?

(1) has limited capabilities, and a team can make up for the short board, strengthen the division of labor, and achieve a higher overall ability.

(2) has limited financial resources and is often lacking in resources when opportunities come


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